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Harry Hakim

Customer Experience Manager

SurveySensum provided us with a tool that allows us to manage the overall customer experience, include the customer’s voice into every major decision, and ultimately make the lives of our customers better.
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How do we make your NPS program more than just surveys?

1. By launching surveys at the Right Time

Launch NPS surveys on the channels your customers prefer at the right time.

2. Close the Loop with your Customers

Get instant alerts on the feedback and follow up with the customers immediately.

3. Analyzing NPS behavior

Know what is happening, why it is happening, and where on customized dashboards.

4. Understanding verbatims

Identify and prioritize customer issues automatically with Text & Sentiment Analysis.

5. Acting on the feedback

Share the feedback with the relevant team, brainstorm ideas, and take the required action for CX improvement.

We understand that TIME is a constraint for you. So, let us help you with

When to launch the survey, what questions to ask, and what to do with the feedback.
Setup close the loop process for you.
Extract powerful insights that will help you get management’s attention on your CX program.
And, most importantly, with your CX program’s end-to-end implementation and enablement.

We can be the right fit for you, IF

You are about to start the NPS program in a growth stage company.
Your NPS program is scattered around the departments and you want to streamline it.
You are fed up with all the manual tasks you do on SurveyMonkey or Google Forms.
Qualtrics or Medallia platforms are out of your budget.

We UNDERSTAND managing CX with a small team is a BATTLE. We are here for you.

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