TAKE IT EASY…Features that will help you create a perfect survey!

  • Variety of Question Types

    Slider Scales or Ranking? NPS or Likert Scale? Free Text or Multiple Choice? Plenty of options to choose from

  • Powerful Tools

    Cutting edge features like Skip Logic, Piping, Pre population, Email Triggers and Scoring

  • Your Survey. Your Brand

    Customize your survey with logos, images and other elements for a powerful brand identity

  • Multilingual Support

    Make your survey and receive results in the language of your choice

  • 100+ Free Templates

    Choose from our list of varied templates to measure employee satisfaction, customer feedback and emerging market trends


ALL SET TO GO…Distribute surveys across multiple platforms

  • Get your Audience

    Profile your ideal respondent from our live consumer audience to get the answers you need

  • Across Platforms

    Go where your audience is. Use email or social media platforms to share surveys

  • Mobile Messaging

    Get responses from users on the move, by customized mobile responsive surveys. Send targeted reminders

  • Embed on Website

    Embed surveys on your website or get quick feedback using a pop-up invitation

Analyze Responses — INTERPRET. ACT. IMPROVE.

IT’S WHAT YOU’VE WAITED FOR...Get actionable insights to make your business better!

  • Real-time Analysis

    Access the survey responses in real-time for meaningful data

  • Text & Sentiment Analysis

    Analyze the sentiment behind customers words to better understand what they actually think

  • Automated Dashboard

    Get a fully automated dashboard for instant analysis and reports

  • Create Custom Reports

    Choose how you want your report to be displayed for expert analysis of your survey responses

  • Multiple Format Exports

    Customize and export your survey data in CSV, Excel, PDF, and SPSS formats

  • Sharable Dashboard

    Freshly brewed experience in the form of a dashboard which is simple to share

Leverage powerful surveys

Get Answers that matter