Mercedes, Honda, and Nissan
have shifted their CSI, SSI & NPS surveys online and gathering real-time feedback!

Also, your Data Security is our priority

Data management

You have control over how you gather, use, and disclose your data.

Secured data

We make it a priority to keep your data private, secured and encrypted.

Network security

All your data is stored on AWS incorporating all its network security.

Know what makes us Unique

Third Party Agencies/ Internal Call Center
take action and close the loop Response Rate
Less than 5%
More than 20%
take action and close the loop Feedback and Processing Timeline
15 to 20 days
In real-time
take action and close the loop Costing
Over $60k for 5k responses per month
Almost 50% less than the other research methods
take action and close the loop Data Quality
Chances of data manipulation by the agents
Honest and reliable feedback
take action and close the loop Flexibility
High dependability on the agencies or call centers
Send and change surveys on your own

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