Get your Team notified of new Survey Responses directly on your Slack channel

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Slack Integration?

Teams communicate using Slack every day. With this integration, get survey responses straight to your Slack channels so that you don’t have to log in to SurveySensum portal over and again while responding to every customer feedback. Keep your teams motivated by celebrating every positive customer interaction your receive.

Get Going
In 4 Simple Steps


Create your Survey

Create a new survey or select the existing one on your SurveySensum portal.

Integrate with Slack

Go to the integrations tab and select Slack.
Choose and add the account you want to sync with.

Select your Channel or User

From the drop-down list, select the slack channel or user you want to send the response too.

Get notified Real-Time

Turn on the integration and get notified of survey responses in real-time.

How This Integration Will Help You?

Keep your Teams &
Agents Motivated

Automatically send positive comments to your Slack channel and keep your team motivated.

Share Responses with
the Right Person

Control your responses by sharing it with specific team members. Like you can notify of negative responses directly to leads/managers so that they can react to them instantly.

Quickly Close the loop
with your Customer

Synced notifications allow your team members to quickly act and follow up on feedback and fix customer issues.

Join the 2000+ Teams that are using SurveySensum to deliver a great Customer Experience

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