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Unlock Customer Satisfaction with SurveySensum’s CES Tool

SurveySensum helps you create customized CES surveys, analyze verbatim, close the feedback loop, and build relationships with your customers that most CX professionals strive for!

Create a CES Survey Quicker than
ever with the Pre-Built Template

Set up quick and easy CES surveys within minutes using our pre-defined template. Customize it with your brand's name, tailor the follow-up questions, and launch it. Gain valuable insights through relevant questions, access prefab reports dashboard, and integrate seamlessly for closed-loop actions. Simplify customer feedback collection with our intuitive software!

Make Your CES Surveys
Truly Omnichannel

Reach out to the customers on their preferred channels. Be it Email, SMS, WhatsApp, website, in-app, QR code, social media, or direct links. Simply upload the contacts and share the CES survey directly through the software. You can also set up automated reminders to non-responders and limit the number of emails to prevent survey fatigue.

Analyze Customer Feedback
and Sentiments with AI

No more manual coding! Leverage the power of AI-enabled Text analysis that automatically extracts quantitative insights from unprocessed qualitative data. It analyses thousands of verbatim and gives you the top trends and sentiments of customer feedback in real-time.

Leverage Insights to
Close the Feedback Loop

Analyzing responses is as important as collecting feedback. The innovative automated dashboard displays CES scores, customer behavior, customer sentiments, and top trends in one go. You can also customize the report, filter the data, and share it with the respective management or team as required.

Empower Decision-Making with Powerful Dashboards and
Actionable Reports

The custom role-based dashboards of our CES software help employees in your organization see only the insights they want! They have their own personal dashboard with data corresponding to the requirements and interests of users with that role. And you dont need to do any manual reporting. Just click a button and you have everything you want.

Maximize Your Efficiency with
Seamless Integration

Switching from one platform to another can be a hassle! That’s why SurveySensum can easily integrate with your existing systems such as Zendesk, Slack Salesforce, Hubspot, Freshdesk, and Intercom effectively. And its robust integration technology lets you receive responses on a Slack server, send surveys inside chats on Intercom and integrate with other CRM applications using open APIs.

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CES Score: A Quick Overview

A Brief Introduction CES or Customer Effort Score is a straightforward metric designed to measure the ease of a customer's interaction with a product or service.
CES surveys commonly present questions like "How easy was it to achieve your goal using our product/service?" or "Please rate the effort required to resolve your issue with our support team." Customers are requested to choose a rating corresponding to the effort they perceived.

The collected responses are typically summarized to derive an average CES score, which spans from 0 to 100%.

Why CES?

Embracing an effective CES survey strategy brings substantial advantages to your business. Here are four compelling reasons why adopting CES is a strategic move for your company.

Effortless and Intuitive

CES surveys are designed for simplicity. With just a single question, usually about the effort required to accomplish a task, followed by an optional open-ended query, respondents can swiftly provide their insights. The minimalist approach respects their time and delivers a user-friendly experience.

Boosts Product and Service Quality

Using CES scores helps companies understand how customers see their interactions with products or services. Looking at CES feedback shows where things can be made better, so the company can improve and match what customers expect.

Builds Customer Loyalty

Happy customers tend to stick around and come back. When companies regularly check CES scores, they can see if customers are finding things harder. By fixing issues quickly, they keep customers happy and stop them from leaving. This helps to build loyalty and keep customers coming back.

Elevates Customer Experience

CES scores show how much customers like your business. They help companies see the whole customer journey. By tracking CES trends, companies can pinpoint pain points or instances of dissatisfaction, enabling them to take proactive measures that enrich the customer experience and foster positive interactions.

Frequently Asked Questions


Customer Effort Score Platform costs you as per the features you require. Its pricing varies from brand to brand. It’s always better to do a trial version before opting for any software.

For example, a leading CES Tool like SurveySensum gives you a free trial and a free version. And its enterprise plan is customized to meet the varying demands of an organization. So try it out first, and if it suits your needs, go for the enterprise plan.
A good CES software will consist of responsive features that will help you survey customers on a timely basis, analyze trends, and leverage insightful reports. Here is a list of some of the best CES platforms for your reference.
  • SurveySensum
  • Qualtrics
  • SurveyMonkey
  • SurveySparrow
  • JotForm
  • Typeform
  • Retently
  • NiceReply
  • InMoment
  • Qualaroo
  • QuestionPro
Here are the best practices of Customer Effort Score to enhance customer experience:
  • Simplify Processes: Streamline interactions for minimal effort.
  • Personalize Engagements: Tailor experiences to individual preferences.
  • Proactive Issue Resolution: Address concerns before escalation.
  • Clear Communication: Provide instructions and information clearly.
  • Effective Self-Service: Offer robust self-help resources.
  • Empower Support Teams: Enable swift issue resolution.
  • Feedback Utilization: Analyze input to identify pain points.
  • Consistent Experiences: Maintain uniformity across channels.
  • Continuous Improvement: Evolve based on changing needs.
  • Customer-Centric Decision-Making: Prioritize customer preferences.
Achieving a good Customer Effort Score directly correlates with elevated customer satisfaction. A favorable CES signifies that customers find interactions effortless, indicating streamlined processes and effective support. This positive experience cultivates a sense of ease, leading to increased contentment and a stronger likelihood of customer loyalty. Ultimately, a good CES reflects the alignment of your offerings with customer expectations, fostering a positive perception of your brand and enhancing overall satisfaction.
To improve your Customer Effort Score and foster greater loyalty, focus on simplifying interactions and demonstrating your commitment to customer ease. Optimize self-service options, offer clear instructions, and empower support teams to swiftly address concerns. Regularly gather and act on customer feedback to identify pain points and refine your processes. By reducing customer effort, you create a smoother experience that resonates with customers, increasing their likelihood of staying loyal and recommending your brand to others. Prioritizing simplicity and proactive support creates a foundation for lasting customer relationships.
Calculating the Customer Effort Score involves a simple survey where customers rate the ease of their experience. Subtract the percentage of "difficult" and "very difficult" responses from 100. For instance, if 70% found the experience easy, the CES would be 30. This metric gauges interaction ease and offers insights into customer satisfaction.

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