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We make it a priority to keep your data private, secure and encrypted.

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All your data is stored on AWS incorporating all its extensive network security.

Data Center

Your data sits in your country on the Amazon cloud.

Brands that are happily conversing with their customers

SurveySensum helps us in getting real-time insights into all our sales (before and after) and provides such a great experience to our customers that they are coming back to us. And loved its WhatsApp Integration and personalized auto-alert emails especially!
Blandina Siregar,Head of Customer Relations
The best part of SurveySensum is its ability to provide us with real-time data. It really helped us analyze and find new insights in time. All of this without compromising the quality of the data. Also, WhatsApp surveys are much more affordable and offer quick results as compared to expensive phone surveys.
Adi Purwaputra,Customer Measurement Analyst
The best thing about SurveySensum is its simplicity. The user interface is so simple, that it made creating questions very easy, even for a new person. And their customer service is exemplary.
Numan Ardhi Nugraha,Product and Customer Insight

The recipe for a high response rate - WhatsApp surveys

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