Stop Tagging 1000’s of Customer Conversations Manually

Leverage the power of machine learning - Identify emerging complaints, track customer sentiment, and act in real-time!

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Are these things bothering you as well?


Managing customer feedback from all these channels - chatbots, support tickets, app-reviews, emails, surveys and social media.


You or your team is spending weeks tagging and analyzing this data manually.


Struggling to understand top reasons of customer complaints, opinions, and issues


Your product team is chasing you for faster insights.


Your support team is receiving tickets about the same issue repeatedly.

If yes, then let us help you.

With Surveysensum
Bring all your feedback (Surveys, Social media, Emails, App reviews, and Chats) in one place
Save time and manual effort with automated feedback tagging by category, sentiment.
Reduce upto 40% of your support call volume by identifying top emerging customer complaints in real-time.
Share top customer complaints from all channels and prioritize product improvements

How it works?

1. Upload Data

First, you upload all your data

2. Train Data

Train the SurveySensum machine by tagging comments for a sample of data.

3. Automated Tagging

Later, the machine automatically predicts - eliminating the manual tagging process!

4. Report

At last, you can share reports with the product team.

Who is this product designed for?

Our favorites:

CX Team

Gather all unstructured data in one place and extract reasons for top customer complaints.

Product Team

Identify the latest insights you need to prioritize the product roadmap

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