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A WYSIWYG Survey builder that lets you create anonymous, white-labeled surveys within a few minutes with pre-built survey templates!

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SurveySensum: Your Gateway to Effortless Survey Excellence

Unleash the Power of Quick and Online Survey Builder - Customize, Collaborate, and Analyze with Ease!

Effortless Survey Building - Save Time with Pre-Built Templates for Various Survey Types

Crafting surveys has never been easier—no technical know-how or coding required. Dive into a variety of templates, from NPS and CES to CSAT, CSI, ENPS, and more, with well-researched and thoughtfully prepared questions.

Whether you're building from the ground up or leveraging one of our 100+ ready-to-use templates - enjoy real-time previews while customizing. Save time and share surveys at the speed of thought.

Pick from an Array of Customizable Question Types

Easily gather all the info you need with different question types like multiple choice, text, numerical scale, grid, emojis, dropdown, and more. Our survey options include cool features like opinion scales, drag ‘n drop, and file uploads for a fun touch. Spice up your survey with images, videos, and emojis to make it interesting!

White Label Your Surveys - Unleash Your Brand's Personality

Put your brand front and center with surveys that reflect your unique identity. Tailor your survey's logo, colors, and fonts to perfectly match your brand identity. Craft a warm welcome and a gracious thank-you message for a survey experience that feels distinctly yours from start to finish. Your survey, your brand, beautifully represented.

Smart Surveys Made Simple - Tailor Your Questions for an Interactive Experience

Design surveys that flow seamlessly, using logic to show questions based on previous answers. Beat bias with randomized options or an open-text "other" choice. Guide respondents with Skip Logic to uncover critical insights, like identifying key factors for NPS detectors. Customize surveys by hiding screens, redirecting at completion, and seamlessly piping answers from one question to the next.

Multilingual Surveys - Speak Your Respondents' Language

Easily pose survey questions in over 100+ languages - letting respondents choose their preferred language with intuitive language change options. Edit your survey effortlessly using a friendly language editor, and seamlessly embrace both Right-to-Left and Left-to-Right Languages for a survey that's not just inclusive, but perfectly attuned to your audience!

Elevate Your Insights and Reports - Pass hidden data with Variables

Gather powerful insights with Survey-based, Contact-based, or on-the-fly, variables. These powerful tools enhance your survey responses and reports, allowing you to elevate your game. Take it a step further by pre-filling fields, providing your respondents with a personalized and seamless survey experience tailored just for them.

Unlock Honest Feedback with Anonymous Surveys

Experience the freedom of honest expression with our anonymous surveys. Tailored for scenarios where privacy is key, these surveys are designed for any feedback scenario where privacy is paramount. Whether you are gathering candid opinions or delving into customer sentiments without disclosure, Anonymous Surveys ensure your respondents feel comfortable sharing their thoughts without holding back.


More than Just a Customer Feedback Platform

Ease of Use

We made sure that the product is so easy to use that you can launch any survey in just 30 minutes and share it with all your customers.
“The best thing about SurveySensum is its simplicity. The user interface is so simple, that it made creating questions very easy, even for a new person.”
Numan Ardhi Nugraha
Product & Customer Insight Indosat

CX Consultation

We understand that you might not have a research team. So, our CX experts analyze the feedback and offer insights to boost your sales and retention.
“Whenever we needed support, you guys were right there. You’re always ready to offer us any kind of expertise that we might ask for.”
James Braun
VP of Quality at Apria Healthcare

Exceptional Support

It's not just the product, our support team comes with it. Wherever and whenever you get stuck, we guarantee to offer 1 hour SLA Support.
“Tools and features can be replicated, but the kind of support and ease that SurveySensum provides is exemplary.”
Siti Amaryllia
Head of CX at Allianz

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