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Create an exceptional NPS program with SurveySensum

SurveySensum helps you create customized NPS surveys, analyze verbatim, close the feedback loop, and build relationships with your customers that most CX professionals die for!

Create an NPS survey quicker than ever with the pre-built template

Launch a simple NPS survey in just 2 minutes with a pre-defined template that contains a loyalty question and a follow-up open-ended question. Relevant questions, prefab reports dashboard, close-loop integrations, etc. are already added to the templates. All you need to do is add your brand's name, set up the follow-up questions, and you are good to go!

Share the surveys on the right channel

Reach out to the customers on their preferred channels. Be it Email, SMS, WhatsApp, website, in-app, QR code, social media, or direct links. Just upload your CSV file and share the NPS survey from within the software. You can also set up automated reminders to non-responders and limit the number of emails to prevent survey fatigue.

Analyze verbatim to identify top customer complaints

No more manually coding! Leverage the power of AI-enabled Text analysis that automatically extracts quantitative insights from unprocessed qualitative data. It analyses thousands of verbatim and gives you the top trends and sentiments of customer feedback in real time.

Leverage insights to close the feedback loop

Analyzing responses is as important as collecting feedback. The innovative automated dashboard displays NPS scores, NPS behavior, customer sentiments, and top trends in one go. You can also customize the report, filter the data, and share it with the respective management or team as required.

Powerful dashboards and reporting

The custom role-based dashboards of our NPS software help employees in your organization see only the insights they want! They have their own personal dashboard with data corresponding to the requirements and interests of users with that role. And you dont need to do any manual reporting. Just click a button and you have everything you want.

Equipped with efficient integration technology

Switching from one platform to another can be a hassle! That’s why SurveySensum can easily integrate with your existing systems such as Zendesk, Salesforce, Hubspot, Freshdesk and Intercom effectively. And its robust integration technology lets you receive responses on a Slack server, send surveys inside chats on Intercom and integrate with other CRM applications using open APIs.

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NPS: A Quick Overview

NPS or Net Promoter Score is a simple metric used to gauge customer loyalty. On a scale of 0 to 10, it is measured by simply asking customers one question - ‘How likely they are to recommend your product or service to their friends or acquaintances?’

And based on their answers, respondents are divided into three categories.


  • Respondents who gave 9 or 10 scores and are most likely to recommend you.
  • Passives:

  • Respondents who gave 7 or 8 scores and like your brand but most likely switch to your competitors for better services.
  • Detractors:

  • Respondents who gave you a score between 0 to 6. They are the unhappy customers who are most likely to churn.
  • Why NPS?

    Implementing a well-designed NPS survey process brings massive returns to your company. Here are four reasons why NPS benefits your business.

    Simple and user-friendly

    NPS surveys are quick and straightforward. Starting with the loyalty question followed by an open-ended question, the survey rarely takes more than two minutes to complete. The user need not go through tons of questions. A simple question does the job. It is quick, user-friendly, and saves oodles of their time.

    Reduces churn rate

    NPS results can really enable you to control customer churn. How? Since NPS allows you to identify detractors through the scores, you can immediately send them a follow-up survey or give them a call to understand their issues in detail. This will help you recognize the core of the problems. You can discuss this with the concerned team and take timely action to redress it.

    Measures customer loyalty

    NPS lets you identify what part of your customers are happy and loyal towards your brand, how many are unhappy and how many are indifferent. This way you can decide on a personalized strategy for each section to improve their experience and make them loyal customers

    Identify top customer complaints

    The open-ended feedback is the gold mine. While the loyalty question helps you identify promoters, passives, and detractors, the open-ended questions give an opportunity to the respondent to share their experiences in detail. And when they do that, this helps you know their concerns, expectations, and struggles in detail and attain lucrative solutions.

    So, what is NPS software?

    Net promoter software is basically a tool that helps you measure the Net Promoter Score using surveys. In other words, these tools let you distinguish unhappy customers so that you can work on their problems reducing the churn rate. An ideal NPS software enables you to quickly set up your surveys, share them with your customers and employees, integrate them with your business applications, and give you responses and reports in real-time.

    So, how does NPS software help?

    NPS is a highly reliable metric that can be used to determine in-depth customer emotions, behavior, and trends. To use the full potential of NPS, you will need an ideal NPS software. A comprehensive NPS tool will help you with the following aspects.

    Sends automated surveys

    Automated surveys are the main feature that every company looks out for. An ideal net promoter software ensures that customers get the survey on time without fail. That’s not all. It lets you set surveys on specific intervals of time to a large number of customers so that everything is automated and you need not worry about sending them manually.

    Never misses a follow-up and shares instant alerts

    NPS software allows you to set reminders and alerts. While reminders help you send surveys and follow-ups with a single click reminding customers to take a survey and boost response rate, quick alerts will warn you if feedback is negative or the overall NPS score takes a dip.

    Uncovers insights

    NPS software helps you uncover deeper insights about your customers easily. Most of the NPS tools offer real-time dashboards and reporting features that let you analyze and interpret data. For instance, it can help you analyze customer sentiments in real-time and identify negative ratings quickly. It can also precisely tell you how many detractors and promoters you have, no matter how big the survey base is.

    Helps you segment the audience

    An NPS software can assist you in segmenting your audience. Firstly, you get to know who your detractors, promoters, and passives are through powerful analytics. Moreover, some NPS tools also come with sentiment analysis which will further help you to segment the audience based on their opinions. You can find what features they liked, disliked, and more and make decisions based on them.

    Integrates seamlessly with existing applications

    An ideal NPS tool can work smoothly along with your existing CMS and other third-party tools seamlessly so that you can survey your customers from the same platform you use every day and you don’t have to go back and forth between multiple applications.

    Survey larger audience on multiple channels

    An ideal NPS tool is designed to share your surveys with a large number of respondents and enable response through any medium. Also, it allows customers to share their feedback from anywhere in any language they prefer.

    Closes the feedback loop

    Closing the feedback loop is probably the most important of all. The process comprises gathering, analyzing, responding, and taking timely measures on customer feedback. A net promoter software is all you need to get it done quickly.

    Save loads of time and effort

    An ideal tool automates the NPS program from collecting responses to analyzing them to following up with the respondents. It even integrates with third-party applications and eliminates the need for manual work, thus saving time and effort.

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    Frequently Asked Questions


    Net Promoter Score (NPS) software costs you as per the features you require. Its pricing varies from brand to brand. It’s always better to do a trial version before opting for any software. For example, a leading NPS software like SurveySensum gives you a free trial and a free version. And its enterprise plan is customized to meet the varying demands of an organization. So try it out first, and if it suits your needs, go for the enterprise plan.
    A good NPS software will consist of responsive features that will help you survey customers on a timely basis, analyze the trends, and leverage insightful reports. Here is a list of some of the best Net Promoter Score (NPS) software for your reference.
    • SurveySensum
    • Zonka Feedback
    • Nice Satmetrix
    • GetFeedback
    • Delighted
    • AskNicely
    • Nicereply
    • Retently
    • InMoment
    An NPS program has a great impact on the SaaS industry. It enables you to identify how satisfied are your customers with your SaaS product or service. The NPS survey question 'How likely are you to recommend (my SaaS product) to your friends or colleagues?' will give you an understanding of the acceptance level of your products and services and the loyalty of the customer towards your brand. A feature-rich Net Promoter Score (NPS) software can help you improve your customer loyalty and satisfaction to new heights.
    The NPS program alias NPS methodology is a very popular and in-demand survey program for organizations. It lets businesses understand the level of their customer satisfaction and loyalty by asking one very simple question. And not just that! Its open-ended question followed up by the loyalty question gives you deep insights into customer expectations, enabling you to bridge the gap between your services and their requirements.

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