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How do Quick Surveys Work?

When time is valuable, the process needs to be quick.

share the objective of your research

Share the objective

Share your research objective and target profile with us.

experts will create questions for the quick survey

Survey by the experts

Our experts will create questionnaires and get your approval.

survey is shared with online panel

Share the survey

We share this survey with the online panel

get insights from quick surveys

Get insights

You get the insights on the live dashboard in less than 24 hours

Who are Quick Surveys designed for?


Someone who wants to run short & quick online surveys


Someone who wants insights in less than 24 hours


Someone who wants it at an affordable price

Our Online Panel Reach

2 million+ Customers
A panel of over 2 million registered Indonesian consumers across demographics and geography.
15-55 year old
It includes age groups from 15 to 55 years old.
40 top cities
It covers the top 40 Indonesian cities and is spread across islands.
It is spread across SES A, SES B, and SES C income groups. across cities.

With Quick Online Surveys, you can do research for

Promotion/ Offers



Concept Testing

Communication Testing

Latest Trends

Favorite Celebrities

Sale Materials

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