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PT Astra Honda Motor
Honda Motor is gathering real-time customer feedback at half of the CATI surveys costs.
What has Honda Motor achieved?
70% reduction in the survey cost
Real-time feedback
Quick analysis of open-ended feedback
Adi Purwaputra
Customer Measurement Analyst
PT Astra Honda Motor
The best part of SurveySensum is its ability to provide us with real-time data. It really helped us analyze and find new insights in time. All of this without compromising the quality of the data. And when it comes to CATI, the online surveys are much more affordable, that too while offering good results.
Adi Purwaputra
Customer Measurement Analyst
PT Astra Honda Motor
How Honda Motor is receiving real-time feedback at half of the CATI survey costs?
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The Objective
Astra Honda Motor’s CX team wanted to gather and analyze insightful quality feedback in real-time from their customers.
The Challenge
Gathering real-time feedback that is insightful and quality feedback can be a real big challenge. Moreover, collecting feedback is not enough, analyzing thousands of open-ended feedback to extract top customer complaints was challenging for Honda’s team as well.
The Solution
Honda’s CX Team was using CATI survey to capture customer data and were analyzing the feedback on their own, which was taking a lot of their time, days to be exact. When SurveySensum understood their objective, they directly replaced the CATI surveys with online surveys.
Online surveys not only helped them gather real-time responses but also delivered quality feedback to them as the respondent were more honest and were allowed to share their feedback only once.
Moreover, the team was able to identify top customer complaints and sentiments with the text analysis tool instantly. They could identify the challenges that customers are facing from thousands of open-ended feedback without any manual tagging. All of this was done by reducing 70% of their CATI costs while gathering quality and honest feedback.
How did it solve the problem?
Quick Templates: SurveySensum’s quick templates helped the Honda team to create CSI and SSI surveys quickly and gather feedback in real-time.
User-Friendly: The platform is so user-friendly that no training was required to create and analyze surveys
Instant Alerts: They received instant, personalized alerts on all low satisfaction scores enabling them to take timely action and close the feedback loop.
Text Analysis: Just a glimpse at the powerful text analysis dashboard and they could identify the top customer issues and sentiments, and take action on them.
Exceptional Customer Support: Focusing on the customer's experience, SurveySensum focuses on their customers and listens to and acts on their feedback.
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About the Company
PT Astra Honda Motor (AHM) is a manufacturing company that produces motorcycles of the Honda brand. A collaboration of a strong Astra Management System and Honda high technology makes AHM the leading company in the motorcycle market in Indonesia. Now PT. Astra Honda Motor becoming Indonesia's leading company in the motorcycles industry.

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