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Embed NPS, CSAT and CES Surveys Directly into your Outlook Email Signatures
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Email Signatures?
Billions of emails are sent and received every year using Outlook. By adding a survey to your email signature you can save your customers’ time by making it quick and simple for them to share feedback on what they think about you, your team member or even your department in real-time. Our ONE-CLICK email signatures are brandable and help boost your response rate.
Get Going
In 3 Simple Steps
Create Your Survey
Create your feedback survey and add additional questions to ask on your custom landing page.
Get Your Outlook Add-In
Add SurveySensum to your outlook add-in. Select your survey to add it directly to your email signature.
View And Share Your Report
View your scores and detailed response on the dashboard. Set up instant notifications/alerts to address customer issues quickly.
How This Integration Will Help You?
Embed One-click
Add feedback survey directly within an email signature and start collecting feedback on every interaction.
Boost your Survey
Response Rate
Make it easy for your customers to share feedback with quick one-click surveys and get higher response rates.
Ask Follow-up
After giving feedback, the customers are directed to a landing page where they can share the details of their feedback/rating.
Set Instant
Notification Alerts
Receive real-time alerts of unhappy customers to take action and address customer issues and concerns quickly.
Track Individual/ Team Member
See which team member is performing well and who is not. The team performance is visible on the dashboard.
Real-Time feedback dashboards available. Custom reporting available on selected plans.
Join the 2000+ Teams that are using SurveySensum to deliver a great Customer Experience
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