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How Can Customer Feedback Be Used to Improve Product Description?

Dec 13, 2023

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Manisha Khandelwal

A product description is a form of writing that is tailored to provide all the necessary details about products. A well-crafted product description can:

However, if you are not getting the above benefits, it means your product description needs improvements. Multiple things can help you improve product description and customer feedback is one of them.

Customer feedback refers to the insights provided by your customers about your product, service, or overall brand. It helps you identify what is lacking in your products, enabling you to fix those issues in time.

This feedback can then be utilized as a base to polish your product descriptions and make them user-friendly, more informative, and clarify benefits and features. However, tailoring your product descriptions according to the feedback of customers requires following the right approach.

6 Strategies for Using Customer Feedback to Enhance Product Descriptions

1. Address Solutions to Objections and Pain Points

The image addresses solutions to objections and pain points

Customer feedback can tell you about what problems/issues customers have to face while using your products. What are the concerns of customers before buying your products? 

Knowing these types of pain points you can improve product descriptions by addressing solutions to the objections as well as pain points of customers in them.

Moreover, when your customers see that you answered/addressed all of their concerns in the product descriptions, they will start trusting in you.

Practical Example:

To practically explain to you all, we supposed customer feedback showing the pain points and objections. And we provided the solution accordingly.

Customer Feedback:

Pain point: “Your product is very difficult to operate.”

Objection: “I’m not confident that I can utilize your product correctly.”

Improved Product Description: For improvement, you can provide the solution in the following way:

Solution: “Provide precise and straightforward guidance on how to operate the product. A commonly asked question or video tutorial could also be included.”

2. Highlight More Features and Benefits

Pictorial representation of Hand highlights more features and benefits

With customer feedback, you can identify what features of your personalized products are the most valued or beneficial. Moreover, you can know what problems your products can solve.

After knowing the most beneficial features from the positive feedback of customers, you can list them prominently or highlight them. As a result, your product descriptions will be improved.

Practical Example:

We supposed positive customer feedback about a product i.e., “Wristwatch” for acquiring a GPS. We provided a better way to highlight this feature of the watch in the description:

Customer Feedback:

“I’m amazed to see the effective functionality of its GPS features.”

Instead of Saying:

“This product has a built-in GPS.”

Highlighted Feature:

“With the help of the integrated GPS in this device, you can find your location and get guidance while you are not connected. This is ideal for traveling, biking, and going hiking.”

This is another benefit of customer feedback for product description improvement. 

3. Add More Details About the Products

Pictorial representation of cursor clicking on More button to add details about the products

Customer feedback can let you know about the missing details in the product description. On reading such feedback you can improve descriptions by adding more essential details about the products. 

This will not only ensure that you value the customer feedback but also make the product descriptions acquire all the sufficient details.

For Example:

To demonstrate it better, we gave some customer feedback and improved the version of the product details in the description accordingly.

Customer Feedback: 

“The product description didn’t specify that your product is congruous with my gadget.”

Improved Product Description:

“Our Product is compatible with all iPhone models released after the iPhone 6s”.

In the same way, you can improve and update product descriptions by including all the necessary details. Such type of descriptions will address the needs of your potential customers.

Gather Customer Feedback with Surveys


4. Adding Clarity in Your Product Descriptions

The image shows Adding Clarity in Your Product Descriptions

Sometimes, customers are unable to understand some parts of a product description. They provide feedback about the complexity of those parts. Such type of feedback can help you identify those areas of descriptions that are difficult to understand or unclear. You can then revise/proofread and revamp them into clear texts.

To improve the clarity of product descriptions, you have to do the following:

  • Remove jargon words and insert simple ones. This can be identified by a readability checker tool to pinpoint complex words and sentences.
  • Use a clear and concise tongue.
  • Break up the descriptions into manageable chunks.

However, doing so may take a lot of your time and effort. To streamline this process, you can bring a paraphrase tool into the action. A paraphrasing tool is a labor-saving solution. 

You just have to point out and drag the complicated text pieces into the tool. It will automatically make the required changes and turn text pieces into simple ones.

Practical Example:

For a better explanation of the functionality of paraphrasing. We composed the below text with some complicated terminology and phrases. We pasted that into the paraphrase online tool. Let us see what happened.


“This superlative apparatus boasts an array of esoteric features, meticulously fine-tuned to provide an ineffable level of performance. The intricately designed microarchitecture, replete with a plethora of intricate subroutines, elucidates its prowess as a paragon of computational supremacy.”



“This superlative device brags an array of exclusive features, fastidiously fine-tuned to supply an inexpressible level of performance. The complicatedly designed microarchitecture, packed with plenty of complicated subroutines, explains its ability as a paragon of computational supremacy.”


The image shows the content is paraphrasing using paraphrase online tool

As the demo shows the tool alternated almost all the complex/jargon words. As a result, we got a fantastic output that was so simple to apprehend.

5. Use Customer Language

Pictorial representation of face speaking in customer language

Another way through which customer feedback can be used to improve product description is by using the customer language in it. For this, you should pay attention to terms and phrases that are written by your clients to describe your products.

This can help you write product descriptions that are more reliable, natural, engaging as well, and resonate with your customers. Moreover, this approach will improve overall user experience and strengthen your brand’s connection with its customers.

Using an AI paraphraser can improve product descriptions by incorporating customer feedback into the language used. You can create more unique and interesting descriptions by observing how customers describe your products.

For Example:

For better apprehension, we wrote customer language used by a customer in feedback on a “Fitness tracker Product” below and created a product description that could resonate with the customer language:

Customer Language:

“Monitor my steps”, “Track my heart rate”, “Access my fitness goals”

Improved Product Description:

“Motivate your journey to fitness with our effective tracker, made for tracking your steps, heartbeat, and progress towards your goals.”

Similarly, you can improve your product description by resonating it with customers’ language.

6. Incorporate Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Pictorial representation of customers incorporating their reviews and testimonials

Adding some customer reviews and testimonials can play a big role in the improvement of your product descriptions. They are useful to showcase the credibility, authenticity, and trustworthiness of your products in front of your customers.

Moreover, they are a powerful way to demonstrate the benefits of your offerings. Additionally, they help you in convincing the customers to purchase your products.

For Example:

For instance, if your product costs a little bit more than those of your competitors in the brands, you may include a testimonial from a satisfied client attesting to the product’s value.

How to Get Customer Feedback

There are multiple ways of collecting customer feedback about your products. Followings are the three most common methods to do so:

  • Send Surveys:

It is a structured and quantifiable strategy to gather feedback from a large number of customers/audiences. With the survey, you can collect in-depth details about the preferences, pain points, and satisfaction levels of your customers. 

A survey can help in getting both quantitative data including ranking, rating etc., and quantitative data including open-ended comments as well as responses.

  • Focus Groups:

Focus groups target a small group of customers for discussion of specific products or topics. With the groups, you can get dynamic ideas and perspectives about your products. Focus groups are beneficial for gathering quantitative data.

  • Social Media: 

Social media provides a real-time platform to monitor the conversations of clients to identify their concerns and pain points. On social media, you can ask customers to give reviews/feedback about specific products. 

The feedback of social media is mainly unstructured and qualitative including, comments, reviews, discussions, and reactions.

However, you can use a screenshot API tool to automatically capture and archive screenshots of these valuable reviews, further enhancing your ability to analyze and respond to customer needs efficiently.


Customer feedback can play a vital role in upgrading your product descriptions. It can help you write product descriptions that can fulfill all the needs of customers. Furthermore, improving descriptions according to customer feedback will make you easily build trustworthy in the eyes of your customers. Now is the time to first hunt for feedback and deploy the above-provided methods to improve product descriptions.


Manisha Khandelwal

Senior Content Marketer at SurveySensum

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