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What is Customer Effort Score (CES)? Definition, Calculation, Applications and Advantages

Table of Contents: What is Customer Effort Score (CES)? Customer Effort Score (CES) calculation Strategic CES applications for an organization Advantages of CES What is Customer Effort Score (CES)? Customer effort score (CES) is a numeric indicator of positive, neutral or negative customer experience during an interaction with your organization. The logic behind this metric […]

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Seven Useful Tips from Experts to “Close the Loop” Customer Feedback

Imagine, you’ve ordered a meal and it got delayed by 2 hours, you’ve sent quick feedback but got no response from the company. Isn’t frustrating for you as a consumer? Do you know every bad experience is the lost revenue for your business of that specific customer? It’s 2019, CX is trending and becoming more […]

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{Infographic} Five reasons to choose Experience Management over Traditional Survey

Every brand aspires to be the leading brand – not simply the one in the masses. Companies that leverage the power of innovation and artificial intelligence in listening and responding to customers, will be the next successful brands in the industry. On the contrary, traditional market surveys are no longer capable of providing real-time customer […]

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Focus on Customer Experience Management to Improve Customer Retention

Customer experience management is crucial for your business. Highly important. In fact, if you ignore the significance of great customer experience in your business operations then you might have to pay a price by losing your customers.   As per a report by Dimensional Research, 52% of customers continued to use more products or services […]

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10 Customer Experience Statistics that your Business should know!

Do you know what your customers want? Is your business customer-centric? How many times do you get to know what your customers talking about? Such questions need answers that matter! In the present era, there is a reason why brands are investing more in AI technologies to provide better customer experience. Because real-time customer experience […]

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Guest Experience Management will make your Restaurant Profitable. Here’s How!

Engage them, listen to them, delight them and that’s how you turn them into your super-fans. Give reasons to your restaurant guests remember you for the best-in-class experience you deliver. Experience is the influencer in the hospitality industry. Especially, for restaurants, it’s become pivotal to get more guests and earn customers loyalty. Real-time and actionable […]

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{Infographic} 3 Essential Rules no one tells you about Customer First Thinking

Customer first thinking is a MUST for businesses or brands to deliver BEST OF CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE! Today the brand is no longer the star of the show – the experience is. Across the globe, businesses are struggling to enhance product or service usability by designing them to meet customer needs. Here’s a quick analysis to […]

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3 Guest Experience Management Tactics every Restaurant should try

Experience management trends keep changing but gaining customer loyalty and acquisition have been the key focus areas for the restaurant industry. Offering exceptional guest experience is on the priority list for successful restaurants or hotels. No matter how tech-savvy people are becoming but still whenever they visit a restaurant for the first time to spend […]

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Uncover the Future of Feedback in the Telecom Industry

Things are ever pacing up in the telecom industry as technology is making it more customer-centric and the biggest reason behind is the dawn of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Customer feedback collected and analyzed by using algorithms can redefine the way telecom companies used to take care of customer satisfaction. But why it’s crucial? Lately, a […]

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Customers are First! Decode Customer Experiences with Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Across the globe, businesses are pouring more resources than ever into enhancing product or service usability to build strong customer experience (CX). In recent years, customer experience has become a major thing. An integrated customer feedback mechanism can help in reigning positive experience.  Take into account that customer journey doesn’t end after the purchase– it’s […]

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