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9 Ways to Boost Customer Engagement With Digital Signage Surveys

Dec 19, 2023

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Manisha Khandelwal

Imagine walking into a store and being greeted not just by the usual array of products and promotions but by a vibrant, interactive screen asking for your opinion. It turns out, this isn’t just a novel experience – it’s a highly effective one.

  • Studies have found a staggering 71% of consumers agree that digital signage captures their attention far more than online advertisements.
  • Brands diving into this modern approach are reaping rewards, with 64% noting a surge in customer engagement linked directly to their digitally promoted signage.

In this digital age, the conventional methods of understanding your customers are rapidly evolving, and smart businesses are turning to digital signage surveys to tap directly into the pulse of consumer feedback.

So how do you leverage this tool to amplify customer engagement? Let’s dig into some tried and true strategies.

What is a Digital Signage Survey?

Digital signage surveys are interactive displays that collect customer feedback in real-time. They’re placed in strategic locations, like the point of sale, to capture immediate impressions.

You can customize these surveys to ask specific questions related to your products or services. The idea is to gather fresh insights that can help you improve customer experience.

Essentially, they’re a direct line to your customers’ thoughts.

It’s a straightforward concept but mastering it takes a bit of know-how. So, don’t shy away from experimenting with different questions and placements.

The Image shows a person creating survey questions on their Tablet


1. Plan the Survey Essentials

Why don’t you start planning your digital signage survey by first identifying its purpose? This is the core of your survey, it’s what guides you in designing the right questions.

Next, understand who you’re targeting. Knowing your audience helps you craft questions that are relevant to them.

Keep your questions simple, clear, and concise. Nobody wants to spend their time trying to decipher complicated queries.

Think about the structure of your survey too. It’s more than just a list of questions; it’s a tool for engaging your audience and gathering meaningful feedback.

Lastly, leverage the power of digital signage to execute your survey. Using digital signage software can help you reach a wide audience and collect responses in real-time.

2. Design Effective Digital Signage Surveys

To optimize engagement, your mastery of digital signage surveys hinges on an effective design that truly resonates with your customers.

  • You have to make your surveys visually appealing, engaging, and straightforward. Use bold colors and large text to grab attention, but don’t overdo it.
  • Use multiple-choice questions or rating scales for quick and easy responses. Remember, the goal is to gather valuable customer feedback, not to frustrate your audience.
  • Additionally, always ensure your digital signage surveys are mobile-friendly. Since everyone uses smartphones nowadays, make sure your surveys are easy for them to complete on their devices.

3. Craft Engaging Content

After planning and coming up with a design concept for your digital signage survey, it’s crucial to focus on crafting engaging content that will captivate your audience and encourage participation.

The content should be clear, compelling, and relevant to drive maximum engagement. Here are a few tips to help you create appealing content:

  • Include vibrant colors, attractive graphics, or engaging animations that capture your audience’s attention.
  • The survey content becomes easier to read and understand for the target audience. Otherwise, you will fail to ensure engaging content for them. An online grammar checker can help you easily identify and rectify grammar mistakes so that your target audience relates and engages quickly. 
  • Incorporate a strong, persuasive call-to-action that motivates your audience to actively participate in the survey.
  • Personalize the content to the interests and preferences of your target audience. This will increase their connection with the content, enhancing their willingness to engage.

4. Use Interactive Kiosk Survey Features

Leveraging the features of interactive kiosks can significantly enhance the effectiveness of your digital signage surveys.

These kiosks often come with touchscreen functionality, allowing for easy input. You can utilize a Scanning QR codes Tool to place QR codes on the screen for convenient access to the survey. Digital buttons make it quick to react, keeping the user engaged.

Additionally, most kiosks allow for participation through mobile devices via URLs or free QR codes. This feature not only engages the audience but also enables you to gather sustainable feedback.

5. Place Your Digital Signage Strategically

The placement of your digital signage can greatly influence your customer’s willingness to participate in your surveys. It’s crucial that you strategically position your signage to optimize visibility and accessibility. Additionally, explore Page Experience Report tips to optimize your digital signage placement and boost survey participation.

Consider these key areas:

Entrances or exits: These are high-traffic zones. Customers entering or leaving are more likely to notice your signage.

  • Inside the entrance door
  • Near the exit escalator

Waiting areas: Places where customers pause can be perfect spots.

  • Near check-out lines
  • Inside fitting rooms

Product displays: Positioning near products can prompt customers to give feedback.

  • Beside new arrivals
  • Near promotional items

Gather Customer Feedback with Surveys


6. Collect Real-Time Data and Analysis

Once you’ve optimized your digital signage survey features, start collecting a wealth of responses in real-time.

With digital signage surveys, you can gather and analyze feedback instantaneously. This real-time data collection is a game-changer for businesses. It means you’re always in the loop about your customers’ thoughts and feelings.

  • You’ll see exactly when customers engage with your surveys.
  • You’ll gain immediate access to their responses.
  • You’ll be able to analyze feedback and identify trends on the go.

This quick turnaround of data allows you to rapidly make necessary adjustments or improvements. It’s a dynamic approach to digital customer engagement, keeping your business agile and responsive.

7. Analyze Survey Data for Improvement

After collecting survey responses, it’s time to dive into the data, helping you uncover valuable insights for enhancing your customers’ experiences.

  1. Start by identifying trends, common issues, and standout points. You’re not just looking for positives, but also areas where improvement is needed.
  2. Categorize feedback. This allows you to address issues systematically, instead of getting overwhelmed by the volume of data.
  3. Prioritize changes based on their potential impact. Don’t just fix what’s easy, tackle what’s important. The aim is to boost customer engagement, and sometimes, minor changes can have a major impact.

Analyzing data might be daunting, but it’s worth it. It will guide you in making informed decisions, ensuring your digital signage hits the mark.

Use analytics tools such as SurveySensum’s Text Analytics Software to transform your survey data into valuable insights effortlessly. The tool automates the process of tagging thousands of customer sentiments and identifying emerging trends which enables you to act on the feedback in real-time and elevate customer experience

8. Conduct Walkthrough Audits

In line with the importance of digital signage audits, it’s vital for you to conduct thorough walkthrough audits of your facility. This process involves physically walking through your space and evaluating the effectiveness of your digital signage from the customer’s perspective.

Take note of how noticeable your screens are. Is the content engaging and relevant?

Consider the cohesiveness of your space; do your digital signs fit seamlessly, or do they stick out awkwardly?

Observe any malfunctioning screens or visibility issues, especially in busy areas. Are your messages current and relevant? How effective are your wayfinding and interactive touchscreens?

Use the data gathered from these audits to make necessary adjustments. This proactive approach prevents potential issues, keeps your brand reputation intact, and ultimately, enhances your customer engagement strategy.

9. Observe Audience Interaction

Pay close attention to how your audience interacts with your digital signage as this will provide valuable insights into their behavior and preferences. Observe if they’re stopping to view the content or simply passing by.

Are they interacting with touchscreens? Do they discuss the content? Noting these behaviors can help you tailor your signage to better engage your audience.

Vary your observation times too. Audience behavior might change throughout the day. Maybe they’re more interactive in the morning, but less so in the afternoon. It’s crucial to capture these shifts to enhance your strategy.


When you engage with your customers in unexpected, dynamic ways, you don’t just win their attention momentarily – you earn their loyalty for the long haul.

Digital signage surveys are the game-changers your business needs to keep that customer relationship fresh and growing. Give it a shot and watch as those fleeting glances transform into meaningful engagements.


Manisha Khandelwal

Senior Content Marketer at SurveySensum

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