Traditional CATI and F2F surveys are required. We get that! But they are slow, expensive, and unreliable!

So, why not take feedback on your customers’ favorite platform? - WhatsApp!

WhatsApp Us SurveySensum
and get 100 surveys for free

How can you benefit from it?

Real-time analysis

Don’t wait for weeks. Get analysis instantly!

Reduce Research Cost

Get accurate analysis while saving more than 50% of your research cost

Improved Data Quality

As you are the one taking feedback directly from the customers and not some agency!

Higher Survey Response Rate

Take feedback where your customers are, that’s Whatsapp!

Analyze open-ended feedback

Deep dive into the qualitative feedback with machine learning.

Instant Surveys

Share surveys directly through your CRM

Switching completely can be a hassle. We get you! Try on a sample of data first.

WhatsApp Us SurveySensum

and get 100 surveys for free

Your peers are already using it. You try it once too!

We were doing CATI surveys, which was fine, but we could do so much better. And we didn’t realize it until we started using WhatsApp surveys. Not only are they quick and more manageable, but the best part is, we get the analysis in real-time.
WhatsApp Surveys are way better than CATI surveys. They give us improved data quality with reduced research costs. Not only that, we are reaching out to the customers where they are and it has boosted our response rate by 26%.

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