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7 Ways to Improve Customer Experience Immediately After Making a Sale

Jan 29, 2024

11 mins read

Manisha Khandelwal

So, let’s talk about that sweet spot right after sealing the deal. You made the sale – awesome sauce! But don’t pop the champagne just yet. The game’s not over. This is where many businesses drop the ball: post-purchase customer experience.

It’s like scoring a date with your crush and then spending the whole evening talking about your stamp collection – not cool.

This is the time when you need to roll up those sleeves because we’re diving into some simple yet killer tweaks to turn that one-time buyer into your brand’s biggest fanboy (or fangirl). No need for grand gestures; sometimes it’s the little things that make hearts throb for your biz. Ready to level up that customer love? 

Let’s do this!

Here are 7 Small but Impactful Ways to Improve Customer Experience Immediately After Making a Sale

1. Provide a Clear and Comprehensive Receipt

Okay, so imagine you just splurged on something cool, right? The last thing you want is an “I owe you” written on a napkin. Enter stage left: the power of a clear, detailed receipt. This bad boy isn’t just proof of purchase; it’s like the map you got in Zelda – packed with useful info.

For instance, include item descriptions, prices, and contact info if your customer needs to reach out—bonus points for warranty or return policy details straight on that slip. And hey, for those rocking the start-up life or if your current system feels like it’s from the Stone Age, you can use this free receipt maker to whip up professional-looking receipts that don’t scream “We’re new here!”

Producing quality receipts is quick, and painless, and customers will notice that extra level of detail. They’ll feel reassured knowing exactly what they paid for and how they can give a shout if something goes wonky. Moreover, integrating a VoIP phone solution ensures customers can easily reach out for support, enhancing their overall experience.

2. Conduct A Friendly Check-In: Because Ghosting is Not Cool

Do you know what’s about as fun as getting left on ‘read’? Customers feel ghosted after they’ve made a purchase. Don’t be that guy. Instead, swoop in with a friendly check-in message a few days post-sale. It’s like sending that “How’s your new gadget treating you?” text after lending a friend something from your personal treasure trove.

Shoot them an email or even better, personalize it if you can. It’s one of the most impactful trends of the moment. Say something like, “Hey [Customer’s name], just wanted to see how you’re loving your new [Product] and if it’s treating you well.” Toss in there that you’re all ears for feedback or questions.

Or launch a simple onboarding survey and ask:

  • How smooth was your checkout process? We’re all about that hassle-free life.
  • Anything in our product setup that had you scratching your head?
  • Is there something you wish had been included in your purchase that wasn’t?
  • On a scale from ‘silent nod’ to ‘shout-from-the-rooftops,’ how likely are you to recommend us to friends or colleagues?
  • If you could wave a magic wand, what’s one thing you’d change about [Product] right now?

This isn’t just good manners – it’s solid business sense. It shows you value their satisfaction and didn’t just vanish into the ether with their cash. Plus, it opens the door for them to holler back if they hit any snags, leading to potential fixes before those tiny issues turn into one-star rants online. Keep that convo flowing!

3. Embrace The Follow-Up with Flair: Quick Tips That Stick

Let’s be real, who doesn’t like getting a pro tip that makes life easier? After your customer walks away with their shiny new purchase, hit ’em up with some clever usage tips. It’s not just helpful; it feels like you’re handing out cheat codes for life.

Drop them a line – could be an email, text, or hey, even a good ol’ fashioned postcard if you wanna go retro – highlighting some super slick ways to get the most out of what they bought. “Did you know [Product] can also do [Awesome Feature]? Total game changer!”

This kind of follow-up transforms an ordinary purchase into an experience and reinforces the wisdom of choosing your brand. Plus, when customers realize they’ve got a goldmine thanks to your sage wisdom, guess where they’re heading next time? Bingo – straight back to you for round two! Keep those nuggets of knowledge coming; it’s like the gift that keeps on giving.

4. Sprinkle Some Loyalty Love: Rewards and Perks

We’re all a sucker for that “next one’s on us” punch card from your favorite coffee spot, right? That’s exactly the vibe to channel with a kickin’ loyalty program. It’s like telling your customers, “Stick with me, kid. We’re going places.”

Hit them with something juicy that’ll make them wanna come back for more. Maybe it’s exclusive discounts for the VIP squad or points they can collect and trade in for freebies. Even a basic “Buy 5, get 1 free” deal can work wonders if done right. This isn’t rocket science; it’s just showing some love to the peeps who keep your lights on.

Tempt them with that first purchase nudge onto the loyalty ladder – could be as simple as an insert with their receipt (remember, using that sweet free receipt maker we chatted about?). The key is to make joining so easy-peasy they’d feel bonkers to pass up on it. And remember: nobody likes a bland, forgettable rewards program – so inject some personality into it, utilizing the best personality assessments! Make ’em feel like they landed an invite to the cool table – because they did, thanks to you.

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5. Surprise ‘Em with a Smile: The Unexpected Extra

Throwing in a little something extra when someone least expects it? That’s like the plot twist in a movie that has everyone buzzing long after they leave the theater. We’re talking about those small freebies or thoughtful gestures that show your customers they’re not just another sale.

Next time you pack an order, sneak in a surprise – could be as modest as a sticker with your logo or as fancy as a sample of another product. When their eyes hit the bonus item, cue the “They really do care!” lightbulb moment. It doesn’t take much; even a handwritten thank-you note can make someone’s day and set social media abuzz.

But why stop at products? Birthday discounts, random upgrade coupons, or early access to new stuff also get hearts racing. You can also offer coupons for online use to strengthen customer relationships. It shows you’re thinking about them even when they’re not hitting ‘Add to Cart.’ Keep it unexpected and genuine, and boom – that’s how you craft moments customers will gab about at dinner parties (or on social media).

6. Make Unboxing Brilliant: The Packaging Panache

Let’s face it. We all judge books by their covers and products by their packaging. It’s the first physical touchpoint they have with your brand, so make it count as part of a carefully curated fulfillment framework! Skip the bland box and aim for a packaging experience that’s got more flair than a Fourth of July fireworks display.

Think of packaging as the opening act to your product’s main show. Use durable materials, sure, but get creative with design. How about a fun unboxing experience that feels like solving a puzzle? Or use eco-friendly materials that scream, “We love Mother Earth!” Make it Instagram-worthy because you better believe people wanna flex their cool mail-day haul.

Also, don’t be afraid to ask about the delivery experience.

Here are some questions to include in your post-delivery survey: 

  • Were you playing hide-and-seek with your package, or did it arrive right where you expected?
  • Did our packaging survive the epic journey to your doorstep in good shape, or did it look like it wrestled a few bears along the way?
  • How fast was the shipping – too slow, too fast (is there such a thing?), or just right?
  • Was unboxing more satisfying than peeling off that plastic film from new electronics? Give us your take!
  • On a scale of ‘meh’ to ‘wowza,’ how did you feel about our little touches in the packaging? Think stickers, colors, thank-you notes.
  • If we could improve one thing about how your purchase gets to you, what would be at the top of your wishlist?

Pro tip: include instructions or a thank you card on top so folks find them right away – no digging required. And don’t be afraid to add splashes of your brand colors or mascot stickers looking up at them when they pop open the lid. It’s all about crafting that “wow” moment before they even lay eyes on what they bought. A killer unboxing experience can turn a routine parcel into parcel-geddon (in the best way possible).

7. Our Survey Says… Uncover Gold Nuggets of Feedback

Alright, strap in friends – it’s time to channel your inner game show host because we’re about to dive into the delightful world of post-purchase surveys. 

No, not those bland Q&A sessions that make doing laundry look thrilling by comparison. I’m talking about gripping surveys that get your customers jazzed up to give you the real scoop on their experience.

Launching a fire post-purchase survey can be like striking gold in a sea of customer insights—it’s where you uncover what really tickles your customer’s fancy or grinds their gears. It’s not enough to guess what’s working; let’s get those cold, hard facts with flair!

  • Make it engaging—think less interrogation room and more coffee shop convo vibe. 
  • Keep it casual, maybe throw in some humor, and ensure it doesn’t eat away at their day like a never-ending candy crush level.

And for Pete’s sake, show them that this ain’t just data collection—there are human beings (yes, like you and me) eagerly analyzing every word on the other side! Make sure they know how much value their feedback brings to the table: shaping products, streamlining services—the whole enchilada.

Now onto crafting those zingers – here are a few question suggestions to sprinkle into your post-purchase survey:

  • Did our product live up to the hype, or was it more ‘all talk and no trousers’?
  • Was navigating our site a walk in the park, or did you find yourself yearning for a sherpa?
  • How likely are you to return for more of our goodies? Is it ‘one and done’ or ‘let’s run this back!’
  • Hit us with your best shot – what’s one thing we could improve on ASAP?
  • Can you describe your entire purchase experience with us in three words? Don’t hold back!
  • On a scale from vanilla ice cream to jalapeño poppers, how spicy would you say our customer service was?

Sneak these puppies into your survey and watch those responses roll in. Because when customers see that you’re not all suits and corporate speak, but rather real people looking for genuine feedback…

Well, let’s just say they’ll be as chatty as that aunt at family gatherings who never got the memo about inside voices. Keep an eye out for trends in those replies too – they’re like breadcrumbs leading to your brand’s betterment alley.

The Last Word

In a nutshell, these seven little gems are your playbook for an epic customer experience post-sale. It’s all in the follow-through, folks. Nail these strategies, and you’ll have customers coming back with high-fives and wallets ready to dive in again. Keep it personal, make it memorable – rinse and repeat!

Manisha Khandelwal

Senior Content Marketer at SurveySensum

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