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Uncover the Future of Feedback in the Telecom Industry

Jun 24, 2019

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Tanuj Diwan


Things are ever pacing up in the telecom industry as technology is making it more customer-centric and the biggest reason behind is the dawn of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Customer feedback collected and analyzed by using algorithms can redefine the way telecom companies used to take care of customer satisfaction.

But why it’s crucial?

Lately, a study has been revealed that customers are likely to pay more for a telecom operator based on service over price. Marketing Strategies Revealed


What is Net Promoter Score (NPS)?

Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a loyalty metric developed by Fred Reichheld, Bain & Company and Satmetrix which is transforming the way telecom companies measure customer happiness and loyalty. However, with the advent of AI, the feedback is no longer remain the same as it now tells the real-time insights and storytelling to improve customer experience.


Net Promoter Score Survey Question and Templates

According to NPS Benchmark Report, telecom holds the lowest industry average. Even banking, a notoriously difficult industry for CX, has an NPS average of 37.

How can NPS redefine the future of feedback in telecom companies?

For telecom companies, the key concern is to handle customer complaints and deliver solutions to their problems instantly. At the time, with a traditional feedback methodology, problem-solving can never become real-time. Here comes the power of surveys powered with Artificial Intelligence to bring out the true picture of customer experience. Employee feedback is sent directly to the designated customer service department for quick actions. This can simply help telecom companies reduce customer churn rate as the time duration of converting negative feedback into positive, is drastically improved.

How an AI-enabled NPS dashboard can create a WIN-WIN scenario for the telecom industry, unlike traditional surveys?

  • End of longer surveys or paper-dependent feedback collection
  • No waiting time of 1-month to get reports as it will be real-time
  • Presence of Text & Sentiment Analysis unlike traditional feedback surveys
  • No response will remain unnoticed as it will be automated with your CRM system to tackle customer grievances
  • Zero chances of errors due to less intervention of human

Certainly, building trustworthy relationships with customers is the prime focus of telecommunication companies to have a competitive edge, but without the availability of an AI-enabled tool, this seems to be taking a long time to resolve a customer complaint.

Furthermore, in today’s era, listening to the voice of customers (VOC) has become a key differentiator. And NPS is making it possible with innovative algorithms to analyze text and sentiment of the consumer. Real-time insight and storytelling will the guiding light for the telecom companies to improve customer experience by meeting the expectations of customers on a large scale.

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Tanuj Diwan

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