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Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) Survey Questions with Examples

Sep 2, 2019

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Manisha khandelwal

What is a Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) Survey?

A customer satisfaction (CSAT) survey is defined as a set of questions asked to a customer, to gauge their level of satisfaction with a product or service, or organization.

For example, if a smartphone company wants to understand and measure the satisfaction of customers with the various key features of the phone then the best way to find out this is to ask customers directly. This can be done using a CSAT survey with questions like,

“Q: Please rate your level of satisfaction with each of the following features of the phone [mobile brand name]:” (with a 1-5 rating or star-based graphical rating questions)

“Answer options:
– Phone screen (rating scale)
– RAM (rating scale)
– Processor (rating scale)
– Camera (rating scale)”

Customer satisfaction survey questions typically include the word “satisfaction” to demarcate it from an exclusive Net Promoter Score survey or Customer Effort Score survey, however, Net Promoter Score, NPS Analysis, and Customer Effort Score survey questions may be included in the final questionnaire being deployed to the customer, if the intention is to get a comprehensive customer feedback, which includes the brand recommendation and loyalty (NPS) and customer service satisfaction (which is the key area where CES is delivered as a measurement tool and to Improve Net Promoter Score).

Why is it important to conduct periodic customer satisfaction survey questions?

A customer satisfaction questionnaire plays an important role in keeping the company on track and directing it toward success. But not only that, there are other reasons why a customer satisfaction questionnaire is something that every company should practice.

  • It improves your company’s marketing and financial strategic plan
  • You can determine what areas in your company needed to be improved and what needs to retain
  • It increases Customer Lifetime Value and measures your business results
  • You can get new insights and ideas from your customer
  • It identifies if you are providing significant and relevant service to your customers

5 Common question types asked in good customer satisfaction (CSAT) survey:

The area of customer satisfaction is increasingly dense among established and emerging tech companies, typically with a product-line offering, such as in B2C and B2B e-commerce. Especially in B2B, where account retention value per user is much higher than B2C, customer satisfaction survey questions are increasingly oriented to gauge product satisfaction.

Here is a list of 5 most commonly asked customer satisfaction survey questions for any customer-centric firm:

  1. Considering your complete experience with our company, how likely would you be to recommend us to a friend or colleague?
  2. How was your experience in the following areas of our customer service? [list of areas as per business process and customer touch-points]
  3. Overall, how satisfied are you with our product/service?
  4. Please rate your satisfaction in the following areas of product/service experience. [list as per business priorities]
  5. Compared to our competitors, would you say our product is [list of options]?


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