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10 Compelling Reasons to Implement Customer Surveys in Marketing Strategy

Sep 1, 2023

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Manisha Khandelwal


We live in a world where 93% of users don’t take any action before reading a review about a brand. In such a world, you can’t afford to know what your customer needs. The ideal method for getting this information, and possibly one of the oldest, is the customer survey. If used properly, customer surveys can make a whopping success out of your marketing campaign. 

When you have all the survey information, you can use it to boost your marketing strategy. 

Customer surveys sent by an efficient customer feedback platform provide you with real data directly obtained from the customer, so you won’t have to do endless trials and errors and wonder what went wrong. Today, you can implement a variety of surveys across the customer journey and enhance your marketing campaigns as a result. 

Not convinced just yet? 

In this post, we’ll go through the top reasons why you should incorporate customer surveys in your marketing campaign. 

Reasons Why You Need Customer Surveys For Your Marketing

Now that we’ve marked the next step, let’s delve into the details a bit. Below you’ll learn the top reasons why you need surveys, combined with some tips on how to do it right. 

1. It’s Simpler Than Ever

The image shows how surveys are simpler than ever

In the past, surveys were done manually. You had to think of questions, type them, print them out, and find people who are willing to show up and fill them out. Today, it’s very easy to incorporate surveys. 

Long gone are the days when you had to gather big groups or call people to ask them questions for your research. Thanks to email and social media tools and forums, your surveys can now reach hundreds in a matter of seconds. The top social media platform, YouTube, is where you can find engaging content like a YouTube video, and giving a YouTube Tv Promo Code can even determine whether hundreds of comments are positive, negative, or neutral.

You don’t have to write everything manually, including tasks like Flutter localization. Not everyone is a User Experience designer, and crafting an appealing, organized survey wasn’t easy back in the day. Today, all you need to do it, select the template of your choice, and share it with your customers. 

And bam! – Your survey is sent.

This is simpler for the respondent, too. They can fill out the survey in their spare time without anyone standing over them, or ignore it if they feel like it. It gives them choice and freedom.

2. Allows You to Offer Better Services

The image shows customer support executive offer better services to customer

Closing the loop by leveraging actionable data obtained through surveys enables you to enhance the quality of your services significantly. As you gather insights from surveys, you gain the opportunity to refine your products, design, customer support, and various other aspects of your business. This data can also be used to create targeted email marketing campaigns that resonate with different audience segments.

The fundamental goal of conducting surveys is to obtain valuable feedback from your clients. This feedback holds the potential for actionable insights, implying that you have a responsibility to utilize the acquired information proactively. Your objective should be to leverage the collected data to pinpoint areas necessitating improvement, thereby empowering you to elevate the caliber of your offerings—be it products or services.

3. Strengthen Your Relationship With The Audience

The image shows Strengthen Your Relationship with the Audience

Your consumer wants to feel valued. If you ask them for their experiences and opinions, not only will you learn what they think, but you’ll also show them that you value their input, which can strengthen your relationship. 

According to Emily Thompson, Marketing manager at Daeken, a Family Shared Calendar App Surveys have the capacity to build customer trust or sharing google calendar. This is, of course, if you make use of the information you obtain. Think of it this way. With surveys, you’ll find out who really uses your product. The data will show you if it benefited them and what they liked about it. 

However, it’s not only you who feels more confident about it. When you conduct the surveys, you show people that you value their input. All of this can strengthen your relationship with the audience and make them more likely to return. 


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4. Gain Different Perspectives

The image shows Person standing and gain different perspectives

Different customers can view the same product or service or design differently. You need to cater to the needs of a diverse audience, so surveys are a great way to gain different perspectives. 

The way you see your product or service is not the same as that of everyone in your audience. Some are bothered by things you don’t notice. Others are thrilled about something you find irrelevant. 

When you evaluate a product, you need different perspectives to better understand the audience. This is what you use in your marketing – information that your audience finds relevant. 

You’ll find that people with similar interests and demographics respond differently to your questions. This will help you segment your audience better and strengthen your marketing campaign

5. More Information From Your Customers

The image shows Customer Support executives get more information from their customers

When asked face-to-face, some customers will be hesitant to answer. Anonymous surveys will remove this and you can get more honest – and numerous answers this way. 

Many people are reluctant to share their opinions when asked face-to-face. Others won’t bother to share their experience online, but won’t mind answering a few questions if asked. It’s very comfortable to fill out a survey anonymously – much more comfortable than getting a phone call or a direct email with questions. Moreover, using an SPF record checker ensures that survey invitation emails reach recipients’ inboxes securely, allowing for honest and hassle-free feedback collection.

Anonymous surveys often result in greater disclosure, especially if they tackle sensitive information. Non-anonymous methods can tell you about the opinions of a specific customer, but anonymous surveys are preferred by many when they are answering sensitive items. 

6. Chance to Analyze Customer Behavior

The image shows the person analyzing their customer behavior

Customer surveys offer a valuable lens into consumer behavior. With online surveys, you can reach a broad audience providing you with a trove of data for analysis. Patterns within survey responses help uncover how people behave and what they need, crucial insights for effective marketing. The process involves creating surveys, sending them out, and most importantly, studying the collected feedback. 

This task is made easier with an automated Text Analytics Platform that swiftly extracts trends and sentiments. Understanding consumer behavior through surveys sheds light on purchasing habits, demographics, and more, guiding smarter marketing strategies.

7. Retention and New Prospects

Pictorial representation of Retention and New Prospects

By actively seeking and valuing customer feedback, businesses demonstrate a commitment to meeting their customer’s needs and expectations. This gesture alone fosters a sense of engagement and loyalty.

Through survey insights, software companies gain a deeper understanding of what aspects of their custom software development services, products, or experiences resonate positively with customers and what areas might need improvement. Armed with this information, businesses can tailor their offerings to align more closely with customer preferences, thus increasing overall satisfaction. Moreover, the act of reaching out for feedback makes customers feel heard and valued, further solidifying their connection to the brand. This personalized approach, fueled by survey data, fosters stronger relationships, ultimately leading to improved customer retention rates.


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8. Smarter Segmentation

The image shows a person standing and making marketing strategy

Segmentation is an important part of your marketing strategy. Surveys can help you obtain key data to boost marketing strategy.

Not everyone in your targeted audience needs or wants the same things. This is why in marketing, we have segments. Based on research and data, we segment the audience and target them through different marketing strategies. In addition to utilizing surveys for segmentation, accessing professional writing services like PaperWriter promo code becomes imperative for crafting the most impactful marketing copies.

Well, surveys are an excellent way to obtain more data for segmentation. You can find information about the following – and more:

  • Demographics
  • Geography
  • Interests
  • Hobbies
  • Behaviors
  • Languages (e.g. English, Spanish, French)

Thanks to the data you’ll obtain, you can produce products and marketing content that’s more relevant to different audience segments. 

9. Measure Brand Awareness

The image shows a person standing and measuring Brand awareness

By asking the right questions, you can learn how aware people are of your brand and how they perceive it. You can use the data you obtain to measure and keep track of your brand awareness.

Every business wants brand awareness. You want your audience to recognize your brand and love it. You use a logo maker or AI photo editing tools to create a distinctive brand image and appear memorable. This is why we do marketing – to get the brand out there in the world and boost awareness.

By conducting research through surveys, you learn how people perceive your brand. When you open a company, you can ask questions to determine how they view your company, the products you sell, etc. This will help you measure brand awareness, as well as give you ideas on how to strengthen it.

10. Measure Customer Satisfaction

Pictorial representation of Measuring Customer Satisfaction

By asking customers for their feedback, businesses can directly assess how well their products, services, or experiences meet customer expectations.

Through survey responses, businesses gain valuable insights into what aspects of their offerings customers find satisfying and where there might be room for improvement. This data allows companies to quantitatively gauge satisfaction levels and identify trends over time. By analyzing the survey data, businesses can pinpoint areas that contribute to high satisfaction rates and address concerns that could be negatively impacting customer happiness. In essence, customer surveys in marketing provide a structured and actionable way to track and measure customer satisfaction, enabling businesses to make informed decisions and continuously enhance their offerings to better meet customer needs.

How to Launch a Customer Survey and What to Do with the Data Gathered?

One of the best perks that technology brought is the ease of creating and implementing surveys. You don’t have to do it alone. With Customer Feedback Platforms like SurveySensum, you can send surveys in just 2 minutes with its pre-built templates. 

And not just that, all the feedback is gathered in real-time and can be analyzed in just a few seconds with Text Analytics Tool – giving you top insights to work on. Plus, you can track the effectiveness of your survey efforts with a built-in rank tracker, so you can see how your survey questions are performing and make adjustments as needed. This makes it easy to get the most out of your surveys and ensure you’re getting the feedback you need to improve your business. If you are selling on Amazon, the integration with the best amazon seller apps ensures that you can leverage these insights for optimal results in your Amazon selling endeavors.

Now what to do with these insights?

The paid agency you hire to do your SEO and marketing can use the data from your surveys to tailor and optimize the strategy. If you opt for a top B2B SEO agency, you can ensure that your brand has marketing tailored to your targeted audience. Skale handles everything from audience targeting to competition research, saving you endless hours of work. Another good resource is Backlink Management Tools which can assist the enterprise SEO practices and your website visibility. For effective SEO services that enhance your online presence and visibility, consider employing the expertise of professionals in the field who also utilize advanced SEO tools.

Time to Supercharge Your Marketing with Surveys!

Today’s world is experience-driven. Understanding the needs of customers is paramount for success. Customer surveys were and remain one of the most powerful tools to find this information, and we listed a few of the reasons why they are vital for your marketing strategy. So, roll up your sleeves, start thinking about your questions, and send out those surveys!


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