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7 Automotive Customer Feedback Tools

Oct 4, 2023

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Manisha Khandelwal


What is an Automotive Customer Feedback Tool?

An automotive customer feedback tool is software designed to collect, manage, and analyze customer feedback and opinions within the automotive industry. 

This tool helps automotive businesses, such as car manufacturers, dealerships, and service centers, gather valuable customer insights to improve products and services, enhance automotive customer experience, and drive business growth.

But how to determine which one is the right tool for your automotive business? 

How to Choose the Right Automotive Customer Feedback Tool?

To choose the right automotive customer feedback tool to gather valuable insights and improve your automotive customer experience, make sure to check the following factors: 

Scalability  Assess the tool’s ability to accommodate your business’ future growth.
Real-time Analysis  Ensure the tool gathers and analyzes customer feedback in real-time and gives you timely alerts. 
Feature Requirements List and prioritize features essential such as customized surveys for vehicle-specific feedback, integration with CRM systems for improved customer relationship management, and multichannel collection to reach customers via various touchpoints.
Ease of Use The tool should be user-friendliness for both customers and your team.
Cost Consider the pricing structure and ROI potential, as cost-effective feedback tools can help automotive businesses make informed decisions while optimizing resources.
DataAnd Security  Ensure the tool complies with automotive industry data security standards and privacy regulations, safeguarding sensitive customer information.


After considering these factors we discovered the top 7 automotive feedback tools that can give you exactly what you want to make your automotive customers’ experience better. Moreover, leveraging automotive software development services can enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of your feedback tools.

7 Best Automotive Customer Feedback Tools: A Detailed Comparison

Here are the seven best automotive customer feedback platforms that you can use. 

Automotive Customer Feedback Tools Pricing Free Version or Free Trial G2 Review Score
SurveySensum Start at $99 / month Both are available 4.7 (5)
UserVoice  Start at $699/mo annual agreement Free trial available  4.5 (5)
Qualtrics Contact Qualtrics Free trial available 4.4 (5)
Zonka Feedback Start at $49 / month Free trial available 4.7 (5)
GetFeedback Contact GetFeedback  Free trial available 4.5 (5)
Kapiche Start at $2,650 /mo Free trial available 4.7 (5)
CustomerSure Start at £299 / mo NA 3.5 (5)


Now that you’ve gone through the consolidated list. Let’s dive into each tool here. 

7 Best Automotive Customer Feedback Tools of 2023

Out of 7 feedback tools, the first automotive customer feedback platform is SurveySensum. 

1. SurveySensum

SurveySensum is a robust survey tool tailored for the automotive industry, designed to transform customer feedback into actionable insights. It empowers you to deploy CSI, SSI, NPS, CSAT, onboarding, and other VOC surveys to gauge the pulse of your automotive customers. 

More than just survey distribution, it offers a CX consultant to guide you on how to create effective questions, decipher results, and prioritize actions to align with your automotive business objectives.

With this invaluable tool, you can harness the power of real-time data analysis through automotive customer journey-based dashboards, enabling you to swiftly identify and address customer concerns. Also, the text and sentiment analysis feature equips you to uncover sentiment trends and issues within customer feedback.

Best Features

  • Create any type of survey including CSI, SSI, NPS, etc. in multiple languages as this tool supports 60+ languages. 
  • Get instant alerts about unhappy customers aka detractors
  • The dashboards are customizable and can be easily shareable with the team, letting you make quick decisions.
  • Analyze the gathered feedback with the cutting-edge technology of Text analytics software.
  • You can easily integrate this tool with your existing CRM. 


  • The tool is simple and user-friendly
  • The tool helps you save manual working hours by automating the process and reducing errors. 
  • They offer excellent customer support and resolve your issues within the stipulated time of 2 hours. 


  • The integrations are limited however, they’re in the roadmap. And if asked, the technical team can do the API integration for you.

Customer Review

A screenshot of a customer review on SurveySensum from the G2 platform explaining what they like and dislike about the tool


Pricing: You can use this tool for free, however, if you want to explore more, buy this tool for $99 per month. 

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2. UserVoice

An image showing UserVoice’s homepage

UserVoice stands out as a versatile and user-friendly automotive customer feedback tool. It’s designed to empower automotive businesses to collect and manage feedback effectively, making informed decisions to improve customer satisfaction.

Best Features 

  • Lets automotive customers easily share their thoughts through various feedback channels.
  • UserVoice provides analytics to track user engagement and gather insights from feedback.
  • It integrates smoothly with existing automotive systems and CRM.


  • It has a simple interface to collect feedback.
  • It has a dedicated user community to gather valuable input.
  • Use user feedback and analytics to make smart decisions for your automotive business.


  • Its customization has some limitations for unique automotive branding.
  • The reporting feature needs improvement. 
  • The search capability of this tool is limited. 

Customer Review

A screenshot of a customer review on UserVoice from the G2 platform explaining what they like and dislike about the tool


Pricing: Starts at $699/month.  

3. Qualtrics

The image showing the homepage of Qualtrics, the third automotive customer feedback tool

Qualtrics is a powerful automotive customer feedback tool that excels in helping automotive businesses gather, analyze, and act on customer feedback with precision. Its extensive suite of features empowers automotive professionals to enhance the customer experience and drive business growth.

Best Features 

  • Get real-time insights through dashboards for quick issue resolution and improvement.
  • Visualize the entire customer journey to find improvement opportunities.
  • Supports feedback collection on multiple channels, meeting customer preferences.


  • Offers lots of survey customization for your automotive brand and goals.
  • You get advanced analytics for deep insights and smart decisions.
  • It easily integrates with your existing automotive systems and CRM for simplified data management.


  • It is more expensive than other tools available in the market. 
  • The tool is quite slow as it takes hours to delete or update some data. 
  • The tool does not support sharing a dashboard. 

Customer Review

A screenshot of a customer review on Qualtrics from the G2 platform explaining what they like and dislike about the tool

Pricing: Contact their team for the information.

4. Zonka Feedback

The image showing the homepage of Zonka Feedback

Zonka Feedback is a dynamic and user-centric tool that suits well for the automotive industry. It’s a versatile solution that simplifies feedback collection and enhances the overall customer experience. This helps automotive businesses to thrive.

Best Features 

  • It lets customers share thoughts through email, SMS, kiosks, and apps.
  • Customize surveys to match your automotive brand and focus on sales, service, or performance.
  • Easily integrate Zonka Feedback with your automotive systems for a unified view of data.


  • The tool is easy to use for creating surveys and understanding feedback.
  • It helps you gather important insights to improve customer experiences.
  • Collect feedback through different channels, matching customer preferences.


  • Customizing this tool has some limits for advanced changes.
  • Integrating it with certain automotive systems requires technical skills.
  • It is costly compared to other feedback tools. 

Customer Review

A screenshot of a customer review on Zonka Feedback from the G2 platform explaining what they like and dislike about the tool

Pricing: Start at $49 / month.  

5. GetFeedback

An image showing GetFeedback’s homepage

Another automotive customer feedback tool is GetFeedback which is designed to empower automotive businesses with actionable insights from customer feedback. It offers a comprehensive set of features to enhance the customer experience and drive continuous improvement. The following are its best features. 

Best Features 

  • GetFeedback collects feedback through multiple channels making it easy for customers to share thoughts.
  • Real-time dashboards help you monitor feedback and address issues quickly.
  • Sentiment analysis sorts feedback as positive, negative, or neutral, giving fast insights into customer feelings.


  • It is easy to use.
  • It has versatile design options while creating surveys. 
  • It supports integration for a unified view of customer data.


  • The UX is confusing. 
  • The integrations are limited and some integrations require technical skills.
  • The customer support service is unsatisfactory because of extended waiting times for issue resolution. 

Customer Review

A screenshot of a customer review on GetFeedback from the G2 platform explaining what they like and dislike about the tool

Pricing: Contact the GetFeedback team for the information. 

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6. Kapiche

An image showing Kapiche’s homepage 

Kapiche is a cutting-edge automotive customer feedback tool that excels in transforming unstructured customer feedback into valuable insights. This tool is tailored for the automotive industry as it leverages advanced AI and analytics to help automotive businesses make data-driven decisions.

Best Features 

  • It uses text analytics to find important insights from surveys, reviews, and social media comments.
  • It identifies what’s driving customer opinions to help focus on improvements.
  • Compare your automotive business to competitors to stay competitive.


  • Kapiche uses AI for deep insights from feedback.
  • Quickly review gathered qualitative feedback. 
  • Focus on the most important factors affecting customer opinions.


  • It requires some time to get handy with the tool initially as there is a learning curve.
  • It can’t edit the project schema after the first upload; you have to create a new project instead.
  • It requires technical assistance while integrating with certain systems. 

Customer Review

A screenshot of a customer review on Kapiche from the G2 platform explaining what they like and dislike about the tool

Pricing: Start at $2,650 /month. 

7. CustomerSure

An image showing CustomerSure’s homepage 

CustomerSure is a specialized automotive customer feedback tool designed to help automotive businesses gather, analyze, and act on customer feedback effectively. It offers a wide range of features to improve the customer experience, using customer feedback to enhance products and services and boost overall satisfaction.

Best Features 

  • It customizes surveys for the automotive industry to focus on performance, sales, or service.
  • Real-time dashboards help you watch feedback and act quickly.
  • It supports seamless integrations with your existing tools. 


  • It segregates customer feedback into positive, negative, and neutral scores. 
  • Get important insights to improve customer experiences and make smart decisions.
  • It saves time and resources by automating feedback processes.


  • There is a learning curve and creating the same survey is complicated and time-consuming. 
  • The platform’s speed is quite slow after the update. 
  • It is expensive compared to other platforms. 

Customer Review

A screenshot of a customer review on CustomerSure from the G2 platform explaining what they like and dislike about the tool


Pricing: Start at £299 / month. 


Understanding what your customers think is vital in the fast-paced world of the automotive industry. That’s where these top-notch customer feedback tools come into play. They help you listen to your customers, improve your services, and drive your automotive business forward.

By harnessing these tools, you can create exceptional experiences, gather innovative ideas, and make data-driven decisions based on what your customers have to say. So, gear up and make your business successful by using any one of the tools. If you’re in doubt, then request a demo today with SurveySensum, an all-in-one automotive customer feedback tool that can be highly beneficial.


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