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How To Celebrate CX Day? Five CX Day Tips To Avoid Mistakes You’re Doing With Customer Experience!

Oct 4, 2020

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Tanuj Diwan


Happy Customer Experience Day!

6th October is a CX Day, founded by the Customer Experience Professionals Organization (CXPA). It’s the best time to check how your organization is taking initiatives to celebrate the spirit of the customer experience program.

CX is a new brand. Why? How? Many researches in the field of CX have revealed that consumers are willing to spend more for a good experience irrespective of brand.

It’s the experience that matters to win, retain, and maximize the customer lifetime value (CLV). Just like in our daily life, we hardly visit the same restaurant the second time after having one bad experience customer experience. And we don’t usually visit the same e-Commerce site after witnessing the delayed delivery and failed transactions.

The world is more competitive than ever. In such a scenario, CX is the differentiator that can make your brand stand out. Once you start focusing on CX in your entire organization, you will know the reason why customers churn and don’t remain loyal to your brand. A new study by PwC, titled “Experience Is Everything,” says a lot that there is also a quantifiable value in good customer experiences. Yes, we are talking about ROI here!



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5 Quick Ways about How your Organization can celebrate CX Day

1. CX is simply Teamwork :

Run a customer experience program by providing CX training across departments in your entire organization: how to listen Voice of Customers (VOC), closing the feedback loop, customer listening, “Walking in the Customer Shoes”, how to make the customer feel delighted, Customer Lifetime Value (CLV), design-thinking, journey mapping.

2. Find ways to learn more about your customers:

Host an in-house CX event for your customers and invite them to talk to interact with you. Customer interactions are important to understand what customers expect from you.

3. Leverage the power of AI technology in CX:

Invest in CX technology to get insightful customer data, find AI-enabled experience management to humanize CX for your customers to reduce churn and drive loyalty.

4. Customer relationship team and CX go hand in hand:

Create a customer experience strategy to ask for Customer feedback and make Net Promoter Score a key performance index for front-line managers who are directly interacting with customers.

5. Celebrate CX day

Lastly, show your customers that you care about their experience. Celebrate #CXday through Tweets, Facebook and LinkedIn Posts, Hashtags, and Press Releases (#CXDayToast2020 #CXDay #CX #CXDay2020 #customerexperience)

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How you’re celebrating CX day?

Do share your CX stories. Connect with us on LinkedIn and Twitter to make CX a tradition to follow for your company growth.

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