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Why Customer Experience Is The Real Driver Of Brand Success?

Sep 12, 2019

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Manisha khandelwal

There’s a reason why Jeff Bezos (CEO of Amazon) considered brands as hosts and customers as invited guests. And, the reason is the customer-first mindset. Customer-first strategy is crucial to driving brand success in today’s competitive era. It’s 2019, customers are getting a lot of choices and brands have to make certain that why should they choose you over your competitors.

Customer experience is the real differentiator based on several pieces of research on winning customers. And, the ROI is transparent for the efforts invested in creating pleasant customer experiences. But wait. How do you know that you’re delivering a better digital customer experience until your brand measures the happiness of current users of the product or service?


Personalize and deliver digital experiences like a leader

Digital touchpoints are one of the most important things that your customer-first strategy could not miss. Engage customers by delivering a delightful web and application experience by leveraging AI. Integrate with everything possible with CRM, CMS, and Analytics to personalize CX and collect customer feedback on what they have to say. Knowing the customers can help drive repeated sales with an engaging experience. This is a game-changer for different businesses across multiple industries.

Two-thirds of global CEOs will start focusing on digital strategies to improve customer experience by the end of 2019. (Source: Seagate)

Get to know key concerns behind customer churn

Learn how to improve customer experience in all possible ways that will make your brand popularity accelerated. Customer experience software can help your business triggers the top concerns that need your attention. Once you have a list of problems behind why customers are feeling detached from your brand then you can build a customer retention strategy around it.

Measuring Net Promoter Score (NPS) is important to get more customers and retain existing

Is your business measuring NPS? Quick Read About Net Promoter Score

Your NPS can help your business find promoters and detractors. Focus your marketing goals to create more promoters by knowing the reasons behind bad ratings and closing the feedback loop instantly. This makes them recommend you more and create positive customer reviews online. It also allows you to engage with customers to make them spend more on your brand.

NPS is much more than a single metric – as it can help to improve the customer experience for different users and brands to stay customer-centric. According to Forrester, improving CX can increase profitability at a rate of 5.1 times compared to those who do not.

To improve customer sentiment towards your brand, focus on creating superior Customer Experience Management (CXM) which can optimize your product or service for different customers in a digital ecosystem.

Key takeaway

Considering the way customers interact and engage with a brand in a digital ecosystem – brands that focus on digital customer experience are making more progress. Improved customer experience can help you win, serve and retain customers. Overall, it’s a result-oriented and most efficient approach to ensure brand success.

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