Obsess over great Customer Experience

Customer interactions happen around the clock. SurveySensum helps cut through the noise and collect ‘in-the-moment’ NPS® and feedback to shape customer journeys.

One Dashboard that says it all

  • Boost your NPS

    Leverage this score to ensure your business is moving in the right direction.

  • Reduce churn over time

    Identify their pain points, improve your product, and minimize the risk of leaving.

  • See what your customer say

    See all the realtime comments with customer on your dashboard.

Act on Customer Feedback

Quantify what matters the most to your customers

Demonstrate your true, abiding, and honest love for your customers by collecting and using customer feedback the right way.

Engage your Business

Bring VOC in your teams

Learn how you can flip furious clients into happy clients. Monitor customer health and reduce churn.

Take Actions with Instant Analytics

Turn unhappy customers into SUPERFANS

Empower your people to make better decisions everyday powered by actionable customer feedback.

Simplify with Powerful Integrations

Integrate seamlessly to save bags of time and effort and take actions to increase efficiency across entire organization.

Leverage powerful surveys

Get Answers that matter