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7 ways to Improve your Net Promoter Score

Tanuj Diwan
Nov 19, 2019

6 mins read

Tanuj Diwan

NPS has become the leading choice of weapon for companies around the world to understand the psyche of its customers. With a simple question, it helps you capture the minds of your customer.

Add a follow-up question to that, and you would have a deep understanding of what your customers think about you.

A Harvard Business Review study says that 48% of customers are likely to complain about negative experiences with brands to 10 or more people. Don’t you want to repair the relationship with a customer who feels wronged?

If you can bring a 5% increase in customer retention, then you can see your profits increase between 25% and 95%. Imagine the kind of effect that it would have on your company’s bottom line and morale of your employees.

All you need to do is ask your customers the simple NPS question-” On a scale of 1 to 10, how likely are you to recommend our business to a friend or a colleague?”

Like most other things in business, if you don’t make your NPS work for you, then the entire exercise is an experiment in futility.

Here’s how Apple made its Detractors spend more money with NPS?

As a company that has been a vociferous supporter of NPS Score, Apple does an excellent job of listening to its customers.

Apple’s store managers call each Detractor (someone who rated six or less) personally to understand their reason for disgruntlement. Each of these Detractors eventually spent an extra $1000 (or an additional $25 million in total) with Apple the next year.

In fact, Apple’s motive is not to make money, and its goal is to delight customers. You would notice it in the way they take care of their customers.

This is why they follow radical management. This is why it is the second-highest cash-rich company in the world. Being dogged on How to Calculate Net Promoter Score which makes them achieve this.

Here’s how you can improve Net Promoter Score:

#1 Engage with your customers personally:

Make it a point to reach out to critical accounts personally about the survey results. Even if they gave you a rating of 9 or 10, you need to know ‘How’ and ‘Why’ they were delighted with your service.

Be clear in the conversations that you care about the results they get when using your product and be committed to resolving any issues.

#2 Apprise your employees of NPS:

Your employees should know why NPS is relevant to your business. Each member of your team should be made to feel that they also have a stake in keeping your Net Promoter Score high to Improve Net Promoter Score.

Unless they are taught how NPS score can impact the business, they would never be open to taking it seriously.

#3 Find patterns:

Does your after-sales service suck?

Are there too many complaints in the NPS follow-up survey where they say that they didn’t receive a free refill as promised?

Fix that.

When you get feedback from a lot of customers by collecting Customer Feedback, it is a given that you will find mistakes that are commonly made. Get that rectified immediately. If these complaints come from a specific department, then you might need to overhaul your entire working process there.

Would that mean you have to change your overall system? Perfect. That’s a revelation for your business.

#4 More power to your account manager:

The duty of your account manager is to keep their accounts happy, satisfied, and make the customers come back for more. Encourage each of the account managers to talk to their accounts and see if they are facing any issues that need to be identified.

They should personally handle the cases, acknowledge problems if there are any, and get them addressed quickly to Improve Net Promoter Score.

#5 Keep your promise:

Imagine the backlash if Apple doesn’t acknowledge its promise of offering a free replacement if a product malfunctions? It would irk its customers, especially since Apple is reneging on its promise.

Do Apple’s competitors offer the same? Nope. Not at all. But they don’t promise such an offer either. Since Apple promises it, Customers expect it.

If you promise something to your customers, make sure you deliver it. There should be no backtracking on your promise. It will seriously dent your reputation. You certainly don’t want that.

#6 Close the feedback loop:

You are leaving the customers high and dry if you don’t close the feedback loop. Closing the feedback loop means to followup with them based on their survey score. If someone gave you a 4 for your NPS survey question, then you should investigate. You could get on a call with them, send follow-up emails, or ask for an in-person meeting.

When you take steps to address their issue, they would know that you care.

#7 Be ready to make structural changes:

When you see complaints that are regularly of a particular department, then you know that you need to take swift action. Be open to making structural changes that might mean a complete shake-up of policies, product features, servicing style, and so on.

While making radical changes, ensure that you have a sharp eye on the improvements as well as the NPS scores before and after this exercise.

If the NPS score improves, it means that you have more promoters now. How’s that?


The Net Promoter Score is an extremely valuable metric that can shape your company’s values if used rightly.

The deep insights that it can provide about your customers can be used to ideate strategies to improve customer loyalty. Making your Detractors into Promoters should be the goal of everyone in your company.

Strive to delight the customer at every interaction touchpoint should be drilled into the minds of each and every employee in your business.

Don’t you want to be regarded on the same level as companies like Costco, Apple, Dillards, Amazon and Southwest Airlines who have an NPS score of 70+? Bain and Company’s report on NPS benchmarks says that customers are more likely to spend 2x-4x across a variety of products and services in companies that take action on NPS feedback surveys.

Steps to Improve Net promoter Score

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