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7 Best In-App Feedback Tools to Leverage in 2023

Sep 14, 2023

8 mins read

Manisha khandelwal

Have you ever wondered how you can enhance user onboarding and improve your product not just to meet customers’ expectations but to exceed them?


What are In-App Surveys? 

In-app surveys are short surveys that are launched inside the app and help you gather customer feedback at relevant touchpoints.

These smart pop-up surveys engage with the users while they’re actively using your app or website, seeking their feedback or ratings – leading to high response rates. 

But how lucrative can they be?

Well, to leverage their benefits fully, you must use the right customer feedback platform that can efficiently conduct in-app surveys and provide comprehensive analytics.

That’s not it. the benefits of the efficient in-app survey platform go further. And that’s what we’re going to explore in this blog.

So, without further delay, let’s dive into the top 7 in-app survey tools.

Top 7 In-App Feedback Tools

The best 7 tools that you can use to conduct in-app feedback are: 

In-App Feedback Tools Features Free trial/version  Price G2 Review
  • Customizable surveys
  • Multi-channel survey distribution
  • Real-time responses
  • Robust text and sentiment analytics
  • Seamless integration
  • Bird’s eye view dashboard 
  • Actionable insights 
  • User-friendly 
  • CX consultation 
Both Starts at $99 / month 4.7 (5)
  • Multi-Channel Support
  • In-App Knowledge Base
  • Customizable Widgets
Contact their team Contact their team 3.9 (5)
  • Effortless Integration
  • Multi-Service Compatibility
  • Real-Time Engagement
Free trial available  Starts at $29/month 4.3 (5)
ProProfs Survey Maker
  • Versatile Survey Types
  • Seamless Integration
  • Extensive Templates
Free sign up available Starts at $19 per month. 4.3 (5)
  • User-Friendly Surveys
  • Seamless Integration
  • Extensive Customization
Both  Contact their team  4.4 (5)
  • Real-Time Feedback
  • User Activity Insights
  • Session Replays
Free trial available  Starts at $699/mo annual agreement 4.5 (5)
  • Comprehensive Feedback 
  • User-Centric Insights
  • Versatile Survey Campaigns
Free trial available  Starts at € 259 per month 4.1 (5)


1. SurveySensum 

The image showing the first in-app feedback tool- SurveySensum

SurveySensum stands out as one of the best AI-enabled in-app feedback platforms, offering a comprehensive set of features that make gathering customer feedback and insights effortless. 

It empowers businesses to extract maximum value from in-app surveys with real-time feedback. With a versatile array of survey options, including NPS, CES, CSAT, product feedback, onboarding, and more. It analyzes all the gathered feedback with text and sentiment analyses and gives you top trends and sentiments in just a few seconds. 

Not just that. SurveySensum goes a step further by offering CX consultation to its customers. This invaluable service helps you leverage the feedback gathered, providing expert guidance on how to make it actionable. 

What makes SurveySensum unique from other platforms? – Best Features

  • In-App Surveys: With SurveySensum, you can effortlessly create in-app surveys, ensuring a seamless feedback experience right within your application.
  • Branching Questions (Skip Logic): Tailor your surveys based on user responses using skip logic, enhancing the relevance and engagement of your feedback forms.
  • Unlimited Templates and Themes: Choose from an extensive library of templates and themes to customize surveys, ensuring they align with your brand and user preferences.
  • Automated Reminders: Boost response rates with friendly reminders, prompting users to complete surveys without being intrusive.
  • Omnichannel Survey Distribution: SurveySensum supports multiple distribution channels, automating survey delivery through various communication methods.
  • Hassle-free Integration: Seamlessly integrate SurveySensum with your existing systems, minimizing the complexities of implementation.
  • Text Analytics Software: Gain valuable insights from open-ended responses with the tool’s text and sentiment analysis capabilities.
  • Multilingual Surveys: Break language barriers and engage a global audience with multilingual survey options.
  • Closing the Feedback Loop: SurveySensum helps you close the feedback loop by facilitating follow-ups and tracking issue resolutions.
  • Robust Dashboard: Stay informed with a robust real-time dashboard, offering clear insights into user sentiments and trends.


  • Easy to use 
  • Seamless integration
  • Actionable insights through analysis
  • Global reach with multilingual surveys
  • Enhanced user engagement
  • Real-time insights via an intuitive dashboard


  • More integrations are required to be added 

Customer Review:

A screenshot of a customer review on SurveySensum from the G2 platform explaining what they like and dislike about the tool


Pricing: The free version of the tool offers limitless users, surveys, and questions, with paid plans beginning at $99 per month.


Boost Product Adoption with In-App Surveys – Sign Up for Free


2. HelpStack

An image showing one of the in-app survey tools webpage - HelpStack 

HelpStack’s open-source code seamlessly integrates with your mobile apps, making in-app feedback easy. Users can quickly submit feedback for glitches, and a built-in chat option allows real-time conversations with app users. 

Best Features

  • HelpStack excels in managing feedback from multiple channels, including email, chat, and social media, offering a comprehensive view of user sentiments
  • It boasts an in-app knowledge base, enabling users to access FAQs and resources within the app, reducing support ticket volume
  • It offers customizable widgets for surveys and support forms, seamlessly integrating with your app’s design and customer experience


  • Versatile multi-channel support
  • In-app knowledge base for user self-service
  • Customizable widgets for a seamless app experience


  • Not user-friendly interface 
  • Integration with certain CRM systems can be complex

Customer Review 

 A screenshot of a customer review on HelpStack from the G2 platform explaining what they like and dislike about the tool


Pricing:  Contact their team

3. Doorbell

An image showing Doorbell’s homepage 

Doorbell is a user-friendly feedback tool, installable on your app or website within minutes. It smoothly integrates with 30+ services like Asana, Slack, and Jira, allowing you to capture real-time feedback and engage with customers. 

Best Features

  • integrates effortlessly with your app or website
  • It works seamlessly with over 30 services, simplifying feedback management.
  • Capture and respond to feedback in real-time without leaving the platform.


  • Easy and quick installation
  • Compatible with numerous services
  • Real-time customer interaction


  • Not good for NPS surveys
  • The default forms could be more modern and accessible

Customer Review 

A screenshot of a customer review on Doorbell from the G2 platform explaining what they like and dislike about the tool


Pricing: Starts at $29/month 

4. ProProfs Survey Maker

An image showing in-app survey platforms - Proprofs survey maker’s homepage 

Another in-app feedback tool is ProProfs Survey Maker. It creates personalized surveys, quizzes, polls, and tests to engage users and boost response rates. Integrated with your mobile app, it streamlines review collection for app stores. With multiple templates, skip-logic, and customizable themes, you can gather accurate data from the right users.

Best Features

  • Create engaging surveys, quizzes, and polls
  • Integrated with your app for easy feedback and app store reviews
  • Access 100+ pre-made templates for quick survey creation


  • Diverse interactive survey options
  • Simplified review collection
  • Wide template variety


  • Not good customer service
  • A steeper learning curve for advanced features

Customer Review 

A screenshot of a customer review on ProProfs Survey Maker from the G2 platform explaining what they like and dislike about the tool


Pricing: Starts at $19 per month. 

5. SurveySparrow

An image showing SurveySparrow’s homepage 

SurveySparrow offers user-friendly online surveys, seamless integration, extensive customization, and real-time feedback. Businesses and individuals can effortlessly enhance user experiences and make data-driven decisions.

Best Features

  • Easily create engaging online surveys to capture user insights effectively
  • Integrate with ease, ensuring smooth in-app feedback collection
  • Tailor surveys to your specific needs with a wide range of customization options


  • Intuitive survey creation for valuable insights
  • Effortless integration for in-app feedback
  • Extensive customization to match your requirements


  • Limited reporting and analytics capabilities in the basic plan
  • User interface customization options may be restricted for some users
  • In-app notification features are not available in all plans

Customer Review 

A screenshot of a customer review on SurveySparrow from the G2 platform explaining what they like and dislike about the tool


Pricing: Contact their team 


Boost Product Adoption with In-App Surveys – Sign Up for Free


6. UserVoice

An image showing UserVoice’s homepage 

UserVoice provides valuable real-time insights into in-app feedback. It helps businesses understand user behavior before, during, and after feedback submission. UserVoice also offers session replays for visualizing the user experience.

Best Features

  • Capture and analyze user feedback in real-time
  • Gain a comprehensive view of user actions before, during, and after feedback submission
  • Visualize user in-app experiences through session replays


  • Valuable insights from real-time feedback
  • Comprehensive understanding of user behavior
  • Visualize user experiences through session replays


  • New users may find the interface confusing
  • The search capability and analytics are limited
  • Improved onboarding is needed to help users navigate settings effectively

Customer Review 

UserVoice’s customer review   Alt text:  A screenshot of a customer review on UserVoice from the G2 platform explaining what they like and dislike about the tool


Pricing: Starts at $699/month.

7. Mopinion

The image shows one of the in-app survey tools - Mopinion homepage 

Mopinion is a robust feedback tool that can be used to boost app usability and user experience with powerful insights. It allows you to collect feedback not only from your app but also from your website, email, social media, and more.

Best Features

  • Gather insights from various channels, including your app, website, email, and social media
  • Understand user preferences and behavior to improve app usability
  • Create customized surveys for actionable feedback


  • Powerful insights to enhance app usability
  • Collect feedback across multiple channels
  • Tailored surveys for valuable user input


  • Reporting needs improvement
  • Not user-friendly
  • Higher-tier plans may be required for in-app feedback surveys

Customer Review 

A screenshot of a customer review on Mopinion from the G2 platform explaining what they like and dislike about the tool


Pricing: Starts at € 259 per month

That was all about the top seven in-app feedback platforms. 


After exploring the realm of in-app feedback tools, it’s clear that selecting the right one is about as challenging as finding a needle in a haystack.

These tools claim to transform your user experience and improve your app but let’s be real. What’s more exciting than dealing with “limited customization options,” navigating the “confusing interfaces,” and embracing those “higher-tier plans”?

But here’s the kicker: We’ve given you the lowdown on both the promises and potential pitfalls. Now, instead of taking our word for it, why not explore SurveySensum, the first in-app survey tool? With its versatile surveys and real-time insights, it elevates your feedback game. Just click below, request a demo, and who knows? Your next click could be a game-changer for your app!


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