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9 Best Market Research Tools & Software in 2024

Mar 15, 2024

12 mins read

Manisha Khandelwal

Picture this: Company A and Company B both launched a similar type of product which makes them competitors. They both launched their products around the same time but only Company B received more downloads and positive feedback. Why is that?

This is because before launching Company B decided to market research into its target audience, created customer personas, and launched their product only after understanding their audience and market dynamics. This resulted in more relevant downloads and positive feedback from customers.

I know I know market research can be tedious and it can take a lot of time and effort from you and your team. But hear me out – organizations that invest in market research early in the product development process save up to 10 times the cost of fixing issues after the product is launched! 10 times is a lot of money for just a few extra hours of work, right?

Still not convinced? 

Well, how about I tell you that the whole process of market research can be automated and made simple, saving you a ton of time and energy, and can also help you in customer experience management

Sounds too good to be true? Well, it’s not. In this blog, I will list down the top 9 market research tools of 2024 that you can implement within your organization and achieve your market research goals. 

So, let’s scroll down and get a sneak peek into these must-know market research tools of 2024.

What is a Market Research Tool?

A market research tool is a software or platform designed to assist businesses and researchers in gathering, analyzing, and interpreting data related to markets, consumers, and competitors. These tools, including AI marketing tools, aim to provide valuable insights that can inform business decisions, strategies, and marketing efforts. 

Market research tools come in various forms and serve different purposes, catering to the diverse needs of businesses operating in various industries. Choosing a market research tool depends on your specific needs, industry, and the nature of the insights you seek.

Let us now explore a list of some of the best market research tools available online that you can use to understand your target audience!

List of the Top 9 Market Research Tools and Software in 2024

1. SurveySensum

the image shows the home page of SurveySensum- one of the market research tools for startups and AI market research tools.

SurveySensum is one of the most affordable market research tools out there. It helps you identify and understand your customer base. It lets you send NPS, CES, CSAT, product, onboarding, and many VOC surveys to your customers. It is a customer experience platform that provides necessary insights into your customer base across different industries like B2B, Fintech, Telecom, etc. But SurveySensumis not just a simple market research tool, it is a full-fledged CX service that comes with expert CX consultation who will help you achieve your business goals and make your process a success. 

This tool is ideal for both beginners and seasoned professionals. You can analyze real-time data, gather comprehensive insights from journey-based dashboards, and identify your customer’s needs with the text analysis feature. 

Best Features:

Best-in-class features are provided by SurveySensum to enable effective market research.

  • In-Built Templates

This is the image of the in-built templates offered by SurveySensum while creating a market research survey.

SurveySensum offers a wide variety of pre-built survey templates that you can use for market research. You can generate a range of surveys for various industries, including retail, fintech, and SaaS. Examples of these surveys include NPS, CSAT, CES, SSI, and onboarding.

  • Customized dashboards

 This is the image of the customizable dashboard of SurveySensum- one of the market research analysis tools for a survey.

SurveySensum provides real-time customizable dashboards. This gives you the ability to receive real-time analytics reports on your surveys, which you can use to better understand and, if needed, adjust your strategies.

  • One-On-One CX Consultation

Additionally, the tool offers a dedicated CX consultant who provides end-to-end support and guidance – from creating surveys to analyzing them and deriving actionable insights from them – to achieve your business goals. 

  • Text Analytics Software

This is a GIF representation of the feature Text Analytics offered by SurveySensum where the tool tags and categorizes feedback into different categories based on the keyword.

Text Analytics helps you with identifying emerging trends and customer complaints by tagging and categorizing feedback into different categories based on their keywords. This helps the user get a detailed report on the issues that can emerge. All of this in a few seconds.

  • Seamless integrations

This is a pictorial representation of the feature Seamless Integration offered by SurveySensum while creating a survey.

This tool has direct and seamless integrations with different tools like Outlook and Slack. This integration guarantees efficient workflow control as the user doesn’t have to switch between multiple tools.


  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Customizable surveys
  • 2-hour SLA guaranteed
  • End-to-end CX consultation
  • Advanced text analytics software
  • Real-time feedback analysis and tracking
  • Journey-based dashboard for comprehensive analysis
  • Survey throttling


  • Some app integrations are missing but their swift support team is ready to integrate on your request.

Pricing: The pricing starts from $99/month. 


Analyze Your Target Market with the CX Experts at SurveySensum!

2. Statista

This is the image of the Home page of Statista - one of the market research tools for small businesses.

With a focus on data visualization and market research, Statista is among the best tools for conducting market research. It gathers information from reliable papers that are available online and simplifies it for users and researchers to understand. It can locate precise information about your sector and provide an easily interpreted statistical report on it.

Best Features:

  • It is simple to set up and capable of receiving feedback right away.
  • It can filter content based on a specific type. 
  • It has hundreds of metrics to choose from and the ability to customize visualizations.


  • Ideal for portraying KPIs
  • Comprehensive research format available


  • Cluttering of data
  • Difficult for long-tail search terms

Pricing: $39/month

3. SurveyMonkey

This is the image of the Home page of SurveyMonkey - one of the online market research tools.

Another tool for market research is SurveyMonkey, which gives users alternative methods for expressing their ideas and new methods for doing research. To guarantee that companies of all sizes can benefit from the power of feedback, they have paired an enterprise-grade platform with a range of specialist market research and customer experience solutions. 

Best Features

  • It has an expertly constructed question bank to pose precise queries.
  • It offers approaches for custom surveys, such as branching and skip logic.
  • It includes an AI-driven analytical tool to obtain professional input on the draft survey.


  • Creates recurrent surveys with ease to monitor sentiment over time
  • Has accurate context derived from the most recent benchmark data


  • The analytical dashboard needs improvement to make data presentation better.
  • Sometimes glitches a little while designing surveys

Pricing: $25/month.


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4. Qualtrics

This is the image of the Home page of Qualtrics- one of the market research survey platforms.

Of all the market research tools available, Qualtrics is one of the most advanced. It consists of various product suites that address various facets of your company. From the same platform, you can monitor brand awareness, conduct market research campaigns, optimize goods and services, and assess consumer happiness. Furthermore, its AI-powered analytics make it one of the best market research instruments for gathering information for optimizing advertisements and tracking brands. Through proactive optimization strategies such as query tuning, index optimization, and database configuration adjustments, Remote DBA experts optimize database performance, ensuring optimal responsiveness and efficiency.

Best Features:

  • It reveals the elements that contribute to both favorable and unfavorable brand perceptions in your target market.
  • It involves configuring automated notifications to monitor shifts in consumer awareness or brand signals.
  • It conducts surveys to get data from market research and customer feedback.


  • provides XM services to gather and handle your market research data
  • For real-time insights, create bespoke resorts that match your data to your company KPIs


  • restricted possibilities for survey personalization.
  • Time-consuming process of adding contract data to directories

Pricing: Contact the platform for a quote.

5. ZonkaFeedback

This is the image of the Home page of ZonkaFeedback- one of the primary market research platforms.

Zonka Feedback is a fantastic tool for conducting market research. It allows you to develop efficient surveys and distribute them via different channels to gauge client happiness and loyalty. It alerts you to criticism, gathers useful input, addresses it, closes the feedback loop, and turns your critics into supporters.

Best Features:

  • It measures NPS at every touchpoint with multiple channels – SMS, email, website, Android tablets, and smartphones.
  • It gathers survey responses both on-premises as well as on the go.
  • It gets notified with real-time notifications for angry customers, at-risk customers, and detractors. Reach out to improve their experience and reduce churn.


  • Very easy interface to set up and use
  • Allows Zapier Integrations and easily integrates with other tools like Slack, Google Sheets, Shopify, Webex, and more


  • The free version is yet to come
  • Poor customer support

Pricing: $49/month


Now that you’ve witnessed how market research strengthens your company, why wait? Launch market research surveys with SurveySensum right away!


6. Tableau

This is the image of the Home page of Tableau - one of the market research platforms.

Tableau is a business intelligence package for data visualization where prior programming experience is not needed. Tableau presents the data in an aesthetically pleasing way for a better understanding by utilizing analytics, visualization, and business intelligence.

It seeks to revolutionize how we perceive and apply data to decision-making. With the use of its extremely advanced market research tools, Tableau gives its users the ability to maximize the value of their data. 

Best Features:

  • It enables data visualization on anything.
  • It can extract data from a variety of sources, including text, Excel, Python, SAS, and PDFs
  • The Tableau dashboard offers a thorough and balanced picture of your information.


  • Features for flexible data sharing and team collaboration
  • Simplifies the process of connecting to current data sources in real-time


  • Can be an expensive tool for some businesses
  • May need help from the IT department to set up the tool

Pricing: $70/user/month

7. Loop11

This is the image of the Home page of Loop11- one of the affordable market research software.

Loop11 is a market research and usability testing tool for creating better products. With the same tool, you can evaluate information architecture, prototypes, usability, benchmarking, and more. It allows you to select the ideal audience to test your prototypes and product by providing both moderated and unmoderated testing options.

You can use it as an audience research tool to investigate the preferences of your new target market and determine how your product appeals to them. Then, you can incorporate the insights gained into the design.

Best Features:

  • It provides an easy-to-use test builder to assist you with each stage of the test design process. It doesn’t require any coding.
  • It makes tasks, like tree testing, initial click, five seconds, etc.
  • It Includes surveys in your exam to get comprehensive psychographic and demographic information.


  • Provide additional options for sharing and annotating the videos than other programs of a similar nature
  • Affordable instrument with several choices for testing


  • Cannot make changes to a test after publishing it
  • May slow down your website a little

Pricing: $63/month, billed annually

8. Google Trends

This is the image of the Home page of Google Trends- one of the most user-friendly market research tools.

A free tool for conducting market research, Google Trends displays data from all over the internet as trend lines. When you input a word into Google Trends, you will receive a score out of 100 along with an accurate depiction of how popular the term has been over time.

Best Features:

  • It displays the frequency of the phrase you searched for in Google relative to the total number of searches made on the website during a specified time frame.
  • It adds location filters to help you narrow down your search.
  • It demonstrates the trend graphically to improve the result’s visualization.


  • Effective method for gathering geographic and keyword-related user data
  • Find any search spikes caused by unique events for a search instantly


  • Occasionally returns results for a search keyword that is irrelevant
  • Only displays relative figures, necessitating a comparison analysis

Pricing: Free to use

9. Typeform

This is the image of the Home page of Typeform- one of the top-rated market research tools.

Another online survey tool and market research software that you can use to conduct market research surveys and obtain a direct response from your target audience is Typeform. It offers a large selection of design themes and integrated photo and video libraries. Typeform’s primary goal is to design forms that are engaging to users to increase response rates and improve insights.

Best Features:

  • It connects to several tools, such as Slack, Salesforce, Google Sheets, etc.
  • Users may design forms in only a few minutes thanks to the drag-and-drop feature.
  • Multiple-choice, rating, opinion scale, free-form text, and many other question formats are among the numerous available.


  • Making surveys that are informal and conversational
  • Collecting consumer demographic data to comprehend their behavior patterns


  • Should include greater customization and flexibility in survey design options.
  • Additional set of filters for the reporting dashboard would be beneficial

Pricing: $25/month


Market research tools play a pivotal role in analyzing and understanding market dynamics and customer needs. Businesses across industries must leverage market research tools to gather crucial insights. By utilizing surveys, observation, and customer feedback, companies can identify trends, anticipate demands, and tailor their offerings to meet consumer expectations effectively.

However, the journey and process can become laborious if not done with the right robust market research tool like SurveySensum. This platform helps in crafting tailored NPS surveys, dissecting verbatim responses, swiftly closing the feedback loop, and ultimately fostering enhanced connections with your customer base.

You can rest assured that this comprehensive list will assist you in selecting the best market research instrument to expand your company.


Manisha Khandelwal

Senior Content Marketer at SurveySensum

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