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Top 10 Typeform Alternatives in 2024 – A Quick Guide

Mar 23, 2023

12 mins read

Manisha Khandelwal

Typeform is one of the many online survey tools that help users create interactive forms to collect customer data quickly. It is creative and is focused to help businesses create forms with less friction. 

Yet, some of the Typeform users, after enjoying its customizable web forms, find it unreasonably expensive and not meeting their purposes. All they look forward to is a cost-effective form builder without complicated features or plan limitations. 

So, let’s explore the reasons why many businesses are looking for a Typeform alternative. Also, compare and examine the best Typeform alternatives available in the market today. 

Why Typeform Alternative?

Though businesses use Typeform to capture feedback, there are some factors that are driving businesses away from it. Let us take a look at it.

  • No analysis of the data collected
  • Had to spend hours making sense of the data in excel
  • Not for NPS, CES, and CSAT surveys – only for marketing surveys and forms
  • Poor customer support
  • Limited features on the basic plan
  • Limited language customizations and data export functionalities

So which is the perfect alternative?

Which platform can you use?

Here’s the compared and compiled list of the top 10 Typeform alternatives that can help you out.

A Quick Comparison of 10 Typeform Alternatives

Product Important Feature Free Trial Free Version Pricing  Customer Support G2 review
SurveySensum Cost-effective, exceptional support Yes Yes $99 per month End-to-end customer support (line chat, emails, blogs, etc.). 4.7
Qualtrics Offers enterprise-level survey tools Yes  No Details not available Live chat, online in-person training, etc. 4.4
SurveySparrow Conversation and user-friendly interface Yes  Yes  Contact for more details Live chat, emails, and phone support. 4.4
SurveyMonkey Uses advanced techniques like question branching and skip logic Yes  No $25/month Email and Phone support. 4.4
Jotform Auto email campaigns and conditional logic No Yes  $99 per month Live chat and email support. 4.7
Google Forms Easy to integrate with other Google apps Yes Yes $12 per user/month Phone call, live chat, and email support. NA
Zoho Forms Easy to collaborate with Zoho office No Yes $50 per month for 25 users Phone call and email support. 4.3
Paperform No-code, quickly customizable and deployable forms Yes No $135 per month Live chat and email support. 4.5
Formstack HIPAA compliant  Yes No $225 per month for 3 users Live chat, emails, and phone support. 4.4
Wufoo Payment integrations and robust security feature Yes  Yes  $29.08 per month Email support 4.2

Top 10 Typeform alternatives in 2024

1. SurveySensum

SurveySensum is the best online survey tool for business

SurveySensum is one of the leading online survey tools and a perfect Typeform alternative available in the market today.

Here’s why?

It can help you create beautiful NPS, CES, CSAT, and all kinds of surveys at all the touchpoints across the customer journey. After gathering all the feedback in one place, it runs text analysis and gives you common insights. And its cross tabs and powerful dashboards enable you to see all the critical data at a glance.

Moreover, you can customize the reports however you want. 

SurveySensum is best suited for businesses that need to collect feedback as quickly as possible at affordable pricing. It is commonly used in automotive, insurance, and BFSI industries helping them enhance their customer experience in real-time.


  • Improved data security to keep the data encrypted and private.
  • Real-time feedback where you get notified of every response. 
  • The text analytics feature identifies the emotions behind each response and groups them accordingly. 
  • The automated word cloud feature tags word clouds automatically and understands the trends. 
Pros Cons
Create NPS, eNPS, CES, CSAT, and other types of surveys quickly with the pre-built templates. You may need support for complex integrations.
Has customizable plans to suit your needs.


Free version – Available

Free trial – Available 

Integration – Yes, it supports integrations.

Pricing – You get customizable pricing options. The basic plan starts at $99/month if billed annually.

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G2 crowd reviews on SurveySensum

2. Qualtrics


Qualtrics is one of the most popular online survey tools. It is expensive but allows you to collaborate with multiple departments easily. It offers extensive integration support and provides real-time analytics. 


  • Offers enterprise-level survey tools
  • Comes with built-in sentiment analysis tools
  • Equipped with advanced tools like AI, ML, etc.
  • Lets you capture feedback from multiple sources
Pros Cons
Can make real-time changes Very expensive
Offers a very organized and detailed support page to figure out issues Poor customer support
Often javascript fails and needs extra effort and attention to resolve it.


Free version – Not available

Free trial – Available 

Integration – Yes, supports integrations

PricingContact the Qualtrics sales team for pricing details


3. SurveySparrow


SurveySparrow is an advanced survey tool that offers excellent analytics and user experience. It is easy to use and manages as its interactive and conversational interface helps you create surveys quickly. 


  • Responsive and mobile-friendly surveys
  • Customizable analytics & branding
  • Conditional branching & skip logic
  • In-depth visual dashboards and reports
Pros Cons
Lets you collect data from multiple sources Pricey plans
Provides chatbots and other technologies Difficult to compare multiple surveys results


Free version – Available [For personal use]

Free trial – Available 

Integration – Yes, it supports integration

PricingContact the SurveySparrow team to get pricing details


4. SurveyMonkey


SurveyMonkey gives you a lot of customization options and logic rules. But a big concern with SurveyMonkey is that you need to pay an additional amount if you want to add more users.


  • Mobile-friendly, professional, and responsive forms
  • Multi-format data export
  • Question branching and skip logic
  • Web links, chats, and emails to collect max response rates
Pros Cons
Lets you build advanced surveys Customer service is often not that great
Easy to create questions, surveys, and polls Pricey premium features


Free version – Not available

Free trial – Available 

Integration – Yes, supports integrations

Pricing – The basic plan starts from $20 per user per month


5. Jotform


Jotform helps you create robust forms and collect data easily. It also comes with payment integrations like PayPal, Clickbanks, etc., and offers secure data collection mechanisms. It has thousands of templates to choose from and lets you streamline work quickly and easily. 


  • Drag and drop form builder
  • Auto email campaigns
  • Offline data collection
  • Conditional logic and custom notification
Pros Cons
Capture response even in the form of emails   Offers limited customization for form and analytics 
Offers several integrations Some form design features are buggy and slow down the form builder


Free version – Available

Free trial – Not available 

Integration – Supports integration

Pricing – The basic plan starts from $34 per month for 25 Forms


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6. Google Forms

Google forms

Google Forms is the simplest online survey form people are familiar with in the market. It is a perfect solution for both individuals and businesses if they need a simple form builder. It is similar to Typeform in most ways and enables you to create simple surveys and forms.


  • Question shuffling and reordering
  • Questionnaire customization 
  • Automatic answer suggestions for questionnaire
  • Quick statistics and reporting system
Pros Cons
Unlimited questions and surveys Not best for complex forms and surveys
Free for lifetime  Limited design customization 


Free version – Available

Integration – Supports integrations with other Google tools.

Pricing – The tool offers a paid plan for businesses starting from $12 per user per month.


7. Zoho Forms

Zoho forms

Zoho Forms is a simple and generic form builder. Both businesses and individuals can use it to collect data and run it through other Zoho apps. Though it has limited features, it is a good Typeform alternative for those looking for a cheaper option. If you are using the Zoho toolkit, it is going to save you a lot of money.


  • Quick and easy collaboration with other tools
  • Built-in safety and security features
  • Easy embedding of surveys into websites
  • Seamless branding & drag and drop feature
Pros Cons
Works well with Zoho Office Suite Free version is allowed only one user
Allows you to manage forms offline Doesn’t offer room for customization


Free version – Not available

Free trial – Available 

Integration – Supports integrations.

Pricing – The basic plan starts from €10 per month


8. Paperform


Paperform is a creative form builder that allows you to create beautiful forms online. The advantage of Paperform is that you need not require advanced knowledge or expertise to create forms online. 


  • Quick payment & inventory integrations
  • Conditional logic 
  • Completely customizable forms
  • 650+ professional templates
Pros Cons
Provides plenty of customization options, and themes. Lacks direct integration with eCommerce ESP and helpdesks.
Lets you add documents and multimedia files in the forms. Need in-depth knowledge to use advanced features.


Free version – Not available

Free trial – Available 

Integration – Yes, supports 2000+ apps

Pricing – The basic plat start from $20 per month for 1 user


9. Formstack


Formstack lets you design forms beautifully with images, graphics, and other elements. It can collect the electronic signatures of respondents and doesn’t require you to learn to write a single line of code to get all these done. 


  • Conditional branching and logic on form
  • Electronic signature capturing 
  • Intelligent analytics and reporting
  • Simplified workflows and team collaboration 
Pros Cons
Easy to set and use You need in-depth CSS and other coding skills to integrate APIs
Reduces scrolling and displays one question at a time for better response Customer support is not resourceful
Pricey plans


Free version – Not available

Free trial – Available 

Integration – Supports integration

Pricing – The basic plan starts from $50 per month for 1 user


10. Wufoo


Wufoo is a minimalistic tool that allows you to create quick online surveys and forms. It can easily integrate payment apps and e-commerce collaborations quickly. Moreover, it is cloud-based and has an excellent user interface.


  • Branding and customization facilities
  • Robust security features
  • Real-time notifications 
  • Custom reports and notifications
Pros Cons
Provides integration support with lots of third-party apps Often difficult and tricky to learn for novices
Connect with payment gateways easily Often has outdated user experience and platform feel


Free version – Available

Free trial – Available 

Integration – Yes, supports integrations

Pricing – The basic plan starts from $14.08 per month


Which Typeform alternative is best for you?

You have read through all the 10 alternatives of Typeform and might still be at a hard place deciding which to choose for your business. 

Well, here’s what you can do. 

Identify your requirements, fix a budget, and then analyze each of the Typeform alternatives individually to come to a conclusion. 

And do keep in mind one thing, you should choose the right one for your business and not what’s best in the market. 

With that said, if you are still unsure about choosing the right software for your requirements, our experts are at your disposal. Please feel free to reach out and get a free consultation.

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Frequently Asked Questions on the Typeform Alternatives

What are some free Typeform alternatives?
  • SurveySensum
  • Google Form
  • Wufoo
  • Jotform

You can read more about this from our resources 10 best Google Form Alternatives.

Why is SurveySensum the best choice for your business?

Apart from helping you with form building, SurveySensum helps you with

  • The timely launch of the campaign
  • Analyzing the collected data
  • Prioritizing the action based on the customer feedback
  • Provide insights and actionable tips to workout the data
What are the benefits of using an online form builder?

Following are a few of the benefits of using an online form builder.

  • Easy to build
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Collect accurate information/data
  • Help improve/increase conversion rates
  • The data collected will be securely stored
What is the best online form builder?

Some of the best online form builders include: 

  • SurveySensum
  • SurveySparrow
  • Jotform
  • Formstack
  • Wufoo

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