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Top 10 B2B SaaS Feedback Software in 2024

Aug 3, 2023

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Manisha Khandelwal

Imagine you run a B2B marketing software company that provides innovative marketing solutions to small businesses. You have a great product that your team has worked tirelessly to develop. But you’re not quite sure how your customers are receiving it. You’ve many questions like –

  • Are they happy with your service? 
  • Are there any pain points that need addressing? 

You wish you better understood their thoughts to improve your offering.
This is where B2B SaaS feedback software comes to the rescue! 

By using such a tool, you can easily gather feedback from your customers, analyze it, and gain valuable insights into their experiences. You can see which areas you excel in and identify areas that need improvement for SaaS customer retention.

This is just one reason that highlights the importance of using feedback software. There are many more that can empower you to make data-driven decisions, improve customer satisfaction, and stay ahead in the competitive market. Utilizing a Crawler with Feedback Software enables effortless customer feedback collection, analysis, and insights, driving SaaS growth and customer retention.

So, without further ado, let’s explore the top 10 B2B SaaS feedback software options that can revolutionize the way you do business! 

But before that, here let’s discuss what it is, how you can choose the right software for your business, and how we have evaluated these 10 software while curating the list. 

What is B2B SaaS Feedback Software?

A B2B SaaS feedback software is a powerful tool designed to assist businesses in collecting, managing, and analyzing feedback from their B2B customers. 

By using the software, you can gain valuable insights about:

  • How your clients perceive your products and services
  • Feature prioritization 
  • User experience improvement through seamless navigation and ease of use
  • Bugs and technical issues for continuous product improvement
  • Roadmap validation and strategy 
  • Identifying new opportunities
  • Customer support to boost customer retention and reduce churn

Also, the software allows you to collect feedback through customer feedback surveys, ratings, and reviews. This empowers you to make informed decisions and improve your offerings effectively. 

How to Choose the Right B2B SaaS Feedback Software?

When it comes to choosing the right B2B SaaS feedback software for your business, it’s essential to consider several factors. These factors ensure the tool meets your specific needs and helps you gather valuable feedback effectively. Here are some key points to consider:

  • Prioritize ease of use for both your team and customers.
  • Look for customization options to tailor surveys to your needs.
  • Ensure seamless integration with your existing tools.
  • Opt for robust analytics and reporting features.
  • Check for scalability to accommodate future growth.
  • Prioritize security and privacy measures.
  • Seek reliable customer support and training resources.
  • Evaluate pricing in relation to the software’s value.
  • Read customer reviews and testimonials for insights.
  • Utilize free trial or demos to assess suitability.

By considering these points, you can make an informed decision and choose the perfect B2B SaaS feedback software that best aligns with your business plan. This software will help you gather actionable feedback to improve your products and services. Additionally, having a B2B marketing strategy can enhance the effectiveness of your feedback software by reaching the right audience and maximizing engagement.

How did We Evaluate B2B SaaS Feedback Software?

While selecting the top 10 B2B SaaS feedback software options, we evaluated key criteria through extensive market research, ensuring the best choices for you.


Evaluation Criteria Description
Ease of Use We assessed the user-friendliness of each software, ensuring it’s intuitive for both businesses and their customers.
Customer Support The availability and quality of customer support were assessed to assist businesses in using the software effectively.
Pricing We considered the pricing structure in relation to the value offered by the software for businesses.
Free Trials/Version The availability of free trials or demo versions allowed us to test the software’s functionality firsthand.
G2 Review Score Customer reviews and G2 review scores helped gauge overall satisfaction and reliability.


10 Best B2B SaaS Feedback Software: Detailed Comparison

Here comes a detailed comparison of all the top 10 customer feedback software in B2B. 


B2B SaaS Feedback Software Pricing Free Version or Free Trial Customer Support G2 Review Score
SurveySensum Start at $99 / month Both are available 24×7 customer support (Live chat, email, WhatsApp, etc.) 4.7 (5)
Medallia Contact Medallia Free trial available 24/7 support 4.4 (5)
Qualtrics Contact Qualtrics Free trial available Live chat, online in-person training, etc.  4.4 (5)
CustomerGauge Contact CustomerGauge Free trial available Resource center, ticketing 4.6 (5)
AskNicely Contact AskNicely Free trial available Live chat, email, phone, help doc 4.7 (5)
SurveyMonkey Start at $11 per month Free version available Email and phone support 4.4 (5)
SatisMeter Start at $199 / month  Free trial available Help docs, blog, etc.  4.8 (5)
Usabilla €10,000 per year Free trial available Chat, Email, Mobile App, etc. 
Delighted Start at $224 / month Free trial available Live chat, contact form, help center, etc.  4.7 (5)
Survicate Start at $99 / month  Free version available Help Center, chat, etc.  4.7 (5)


Now let’s dive into each feedback software in detail. 

Top 10 B2B SaaS Feedback Software

1. SurveySensum

SurveySensum is one of the top B2B SaaS Feedback Software out there. It lets you create various surveys like NPS, CES, CSAT, etc., and share them across multiple channels such as email, WhatsApp, In-App, CRM, and more. The best part is – all the feedback is gathered in one place in real-time. 

Moreover, its Text Analytics analyzes thousands of gathered feedback in one go and gives your top trends and sentiments to close the loop in time.

What sets SurveySensum apart is – a dedicated CX consultant. SurveySensum is not just a product, it comes along with the expertise of a CX Consultant. They guide you on how to leverage the gathered insights to improve your customer experience journey. 

SurveySensum caters to the needs of multiple industries such as B2B, Automotive, Retail, Healthcare, and Finance. 

Whether your objective is to enhance customer experience, satisfaction, loyalty, or business growth, SurveySensum is a go-to solution.  

Best Features:

Some of the best features that SurveySensum offers are: 

  • Advanced survey customization to match unique requirements. From branding to question types, you have complete control over the survey design.
  • Real-time feedback analysis gives you instant access to valuable feedback and enables prompt decision-making.
  • For businesses with a global reach, SurveySensum’s multilingual support ensures you can collect feedback from customers worldwide.
  • The platform employs AI-driven Text Analytics software to gauge customer sentiments accurately, providing deeper insights into customer emotions.


  • Simple and easy UI
  • Automate workflows to improve speed and reduce manual errors.
  • 24×7 omnichannel customer support 
  • Close the feedback loop
  • Bird’s eye view dashboard 
  • Fast reporting system 


  • A few integration apps are missing (but in the roadmap)

Pricing: Pay for the number of responses you want and use all the essential features in a free version. Get started with it now as they’re offering 25 responses and 500 emails per month for free. 

For more details, contact their team. 

Take your Product Experience to the Next Level with SurveySensum


2. Medallia

The image showing the homepage of Medallia, the second B2B SaaS Feedback tool

Medallia excels as an exceptional B2B SaaS Feedback Software, providing a comprehensive feedback collection and analysis platform, enabling businesses to deliver exceptional customer experiences. It also offers a host of powerful features to elevate your feedback management and enhance SaaS design.

Best Features:

  • Medallia allows you to collect feedback through various channels, including surveys, social media, and in-app feedback, giving you a holistic view of customer sentiment.
  • The software employs text analytics to analyze unstructured feedback, providing deeper insights into customer feedback.
  • With real-time alerts, you can address critical issues promptly, ensuring timely responses to customer concerns.
  • Medallia’s robust analytics engine transforms data into actionable insights, empowering you to make informed business decisions.


  • Robust integration 
  • User-friendly interface 


  • Lacks in-built templates 
  • Requires training to implement and fully use its features 

Pricing: Medallia offers custom pricing plans based on your specific business requirements. Get in touch with their team to explore the best plan for your feedback needs.

3. Qualtrics

The image showing the homepage of Qualtrics, the third B2B SaaS Feedback tool

Qualtrics  stands out as a powerful B2B SaaS feedback software, equipped with versatile features to help businesses gather, analyze, and act upon feedback effectively, leading to enhanced customer experiences. It offers a wide array of features to supercharge your feedback management.

Best Features:

  • Create versatile surveys with various question types and branching logic to capture valuable feedback.
  • Gather feedback from multiple perspectives, including customers, employees, and stakeholders, for a comprehensive understanding.
  • Access real-time reports and dashboards to monitor feedback trends and insights as they happen.
  • Streamline feedback processes with automated workflows, saving time and effort.


  • Multiple in-built survey templates and design
  • Accessible on any device 


  • Slow customer support 
  • Expensive 

Pricing: Qualtrics provides custom pricing plans tailored to meet your business needs. Reach out to their team to explore the best pricing option for you.

4. CustomerGauge

The image showing the homepage of CustomerGauge, the fourth B2B SaaS Feedback tool

CustomerGauge is a leading B2B SaaS feedback software that focuses on measuring and improving customer loyalty through Net Promoter Score monitoring. It empowers businesses to build stronger customer relationships and turn feedback into actionable insights.

Best Features:

  • Use closed-loop feedback to engage with customers and address their concerns promptly.
  • Leverage performance dashboards for real-time data-driven decision-making.
  • Implement regular NPS surveys to gauge customer loyalty and satisfaction.


  • Easy to implement and use
  • Cloud-based feedback software 


  • Less integration 

Contact them to know pricing information. 

5. AskNicely

The image showing the homepage of AskNicely, the fifth B2B SaaS Feedback tool

AskNicely specializes in automated NPS surveys and feedback analytics, enabling businesses to gather valuable insights and measure customer satisfaction effortlessly.

Best Features:

  • Implement automated NPS surveys based on customer interactions for streamlined feedback collection.
  • Utilize powerful feedback analytics to derive actionable insights.
  • Seamlessly integrate AskNicely with existing tools for efficient data management.


  • Accessible on mobile devices
  • Easy UI


  • Cannot customize NPS score
  • Customer support is not good 

Pricing: AskNicely offers custom pricing plans to meet your business requirements.

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6. SurveyMonkey

The image showing the homepage of SurveyMonkey, the sixth B2B SaaS Feedback tool

SurveyMonkey is a popular B2B SaaS feedback software that provides user-friendly survey creation and data analysis tools for businesses of all sizes.

Best Features:

  • Use the versatile survey builder with a drag-and-drop interface and templates for easy survey creation.
  • Leverage data analysis tools to gain valuable insights from customer responses.
  • Seamlessly integrate SurveyMonkey with various platforms for streamlined data flow.



  • Costly 
  • Customer service is not good 

Pricing: SurveyMonkey offers both free and paid plans with additional features. Starts at $11/month. 

7. SatisMeter

The image showing the homepage of SatisMeter, the seventh B2B SaaS Feedback tool

SatisMeter offers in-app surveys and NPS tracking to help businesses gather feedback directly within their application and measure customer satisfaction.

Best Features:

  • Implement in-app surveys for convenient customer response.
  • Specialized in conducting NPS surveys. Monitor NPS to measure customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Utilize sentiment analysis for deeper insights from customer comments.


  • In-app feedback 
  • Seamless integration 


  • Limited features 
  • A bit learning curve 

Pricing: SatisMeter starts at $199 / month. It provides custom pricing plans tailored to your business needs.

8. Usabilla

The image showing the homepage of Usabilla, the eighth B2B SaaS Feedback tool

Usabilla specializes in gathering feedback through various forms and buttons embedded in websites and apps, helping businesses collect user insights effectively.

Best Features:

  • Utilize feedback forms and buttons to gather customer insights directly on your website or app.
  • Target specific user segments for more relevant feedback collection.
  • Gather visual feedback using screenshots and annotations for clear understanding.


  • User-friendly interface
  • Multichannel feedback collection 
  • Advanced analytics 


  • Limited integration 
  • Costly 

Pricing: Usabilla starts at €10,000 per year and offers a free trial.


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9. Delighted

The image showing the homepage of Delighted, the ninth B2B SaaS Feedback tool

Delighted simplifies NPS surveys and real-time feedback analysis, providing B2B SaaS businesses with valuable insights for customer satisfaction improvement.

→ Learn about What is a good NPS score for SaaS

Best Features:

  • Conduct quick NPS surveys to gauge customer loyalty effectively.
  • Access real-time feedback insights for immediate action.
  • Seamlessly integrate Delighted with popular tools for efficient feedback management.


  • Create multiple surveys like NPS, CES, CSAT, etc. 
  • Focus on customer experience


  • Have a learning curve 

Pricing: Delighted start at $224 / month and offer a free trial.

10. Survicate

The image showing the homepage of Survicate, the tenth B2B SaaS Feedback tool

Survicate offers a versatile survey builder and feedback collection across various platforms, empowering businesses to gather insights effectively.

Best Features:

  • Create customized surveys with ease using Survicate’s flexible survey builder.
  • Gather feedback through email, websites, and mobile apps for comprehensive data collection.
  • Access real-time reports and analytics for quick insights.


  • Limited survey visibility 
  • In-app survey 


  • Customer service is poor

Pricing: Survicate starts at $99 / month and its free version is available to use.  


And there you have it! We’ve explored the ten remarkable B2B SaaS Feedback Software that can take your business to new heights. 

IoT development services are tools that revolutionize how you collect, analyze, and act on valuable customer feedback, resulting in enhanced customer experiences, and business success.

Now that you know what makes each software unique, imagine having all these capabilities in one tool. 

Well, say hello to SurveySensum! It’s a comprehensive feedback tool that can do it all. Don’t just take my word for it – request a demo and explore its full potential now! 


Manisha Khandelwal

Senior Content Marketer at SurveySensum

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