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7 Best AskNicely Alternatives & Competitors to Check Out in 2024

Oct 11, 2023

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Manisha Khandelwal

AskNicely is a customer feedback platform that helps businesses gather and analyze customer feedback. It specializes in Net Promoter Score surveys, enabling companies to measure customer loyalty and satisfaction. AskNicely streamlines the feedback collection process through various channels, such as email, SMS, and in-app messages.

An image showing the AskNicely homepage online

However, despite its effectiveness, AskNicely has some drawbacks to consider. Its pricing model does not align with the budgets of smaller businesses. Additionally, new users often face a learning curve while navigating its features. But that’s not all; this blog will also explore other aspects such as AskNicely’s alternatives, competitors, and shortcomings.

Before diving in, let’s understand the reason behind customers looking for AskNicely alternatives. 

Why look for AskNicely alternatives?

Exploring alternatives to AskNicely is crucial for you, as it allows you to address concerns such as poor customer support, limited customization options, and restricted integrations. Let’s delve into these issues in more detail.

1. Limited integration 

AskNicely has limitations when it comes to integrating with other software systems and tools, potentially hindering seamless data flow and workflow optimization. Here’s one of the customer reviews talking about it on the G2 platform. 

 A screenshot of AskNicely customer support review given on G2 review talking about limited integration



2. Unsatisfactory customer support 

Users have reported instances of subpar customer support from AskNicely, which is frustrating when seeking assistance or troubleshooting issues. Here’s a customer review out of many explaining this tool’s unsatisfactory customer support on the G2 platform. 

A screenshot of AskNicely customer support review given on G2 review talking about poor customer support



3. Limited customization 

Some businesses find that AskNicely’s customization options are limited, making it challenging to tailor surveys and dashboards to their specific branding and needs. Here’s a customer review out of many explaining this tool’s limited customization available on the G2 platform. 

A screenshot of AskNicely customer review given on G2 review talking about limited customization



4. Expensive 

While AskNicely is undoubtedly effective, its pricing model does not align with the budgets of smaller businesses or organizations with limited resources. The cost of using AskNicely is relatively high, and for some, it does not offer the best value for their specific financial situation.

Here’s a customer review out of many explaining this tool’s costly price available on the Capterra platform. 

A screenshot of AskNicely customer review given on Capterra review talking about its costly pricing 



These four limitations ain’t enough, there are more. Such as the tool:

  • Does not have a user-friendly interface
  • Have a steep learning curve for new customers
  • Lacks NPS or database hot alerts  
  • Have limited analytics 
  • Lack of custom filter options

Now that you know why you should look for alternatives, let’s now find out what factors we have looked at while curating the list of 7 best tools that are AskNicely competitors. 

How Did We Evaluate AskNicely Alternatives?

We assess and compare alternative solutions to AskNicely in a methodical manner. This evaluation helps you make informed decisions about which alternative best suits your needs. The evaluation typically involves 

  1. Features and Customization: Begin by assessing the features offered by each alternative. Consider whether they offer the customization options needed for your specific surveys and feedback forms.
  2. Analytics and Reporting: Evaluate the analytics and reporting capabilities of each alternative. Are they robust and able to provide the insights you require?
  3. Integration Capabilities: Investigate how well each alternative can integrate with your existing software systems and tools. Seamless integration is crucial for efficient data flow.
  4. Ease of Use: Consider the user-friendliness of each platform. How intuitive is the interface, and how much training is required for users?
  5. Pricing Structure: Compare the pricing models of the alternatives. Are they affordable and aligned with your budget?
  6. Customer Support: Assess the quality and responsiveness of customer support provided by each alternative. 

By conducting such evaluations, you can identify the most suitable alternative that aligns with your specific requirements and goals, ultimately ensuring you make the right choice for your feedback and survey management needs. 

AskNicely Alternatives: Overview

Now without wasting much time, have a glance at the table here enclosing the 7 best alternatives. 


AskNicely  Alternatives Pricing G2 Review Score Free Trial Free Version
SurveySensum $99 per month 4.7 (5) Yes Yes
Qualtrics Contact their team for details 4.4 (5) Yes No
Delighted  $224 per month 4.7 (5) Yes  No 
Birdeye Contact their team for details 4.7 (5) NA NA
Medallia  Contact their team for details 4.4 (5) Yes  No 
SurveyMonkey $20 per month 4.4 (5) Yes No
Nicereply  $59 per month 4.5 (5) Yes  No


7 Best AskNicely Alternatives and Competitors

You’ve thoroughly gone through the list of the top 7 tools that are alternatives and competitors of AskNicely. So, let’s dive deep into each tool exploring their best features, benefits, limitations, customer reviews, and their respective price. 

1. SurveySensum

As we delve into AskNicely alternatives, SurveySensum emerges as a top survey-creating tool that redefines how businesses collect and utilize feedback to increase customer satisfaction. It excels in several key areas, including seamless integration capabilities, round-the-clock customer support with an impressive 98% retention rate, transparent pricing, and limitless survey customization options. 

Whether you’re looking to conduct customer experience, employee engagement surveys, product evaluations, 360-degree feedback, onboarding surveys, NPS in B2B, or CSI, SSI surveys for the automotive industry, SurveySensum stands out as a robust solution tailored to your business needs. Not just that, there are many more benefits that this tool offers and you can leverage.

Best Features 

  • SurveySensum seamlessly integrates with various tools like HubSpot, Salesforce, Slack, Outlook, etc., simplifying the incorporation of feedback into existing workflows.
  • It offers an easy-to-use interface for creating and managing surveys effortlessly.
  • The platform helps businesses act on customer feedback promptly, closing the feedback loop for improved customer satisfaction.
  • It offers instant hot alerts on negative feedback aka detractors, allowing you to quickly respond to customer concerns.
  • It offers robust analytics capabilities, via advanced text analytics software, to uncover valuable insights from customer qualitative feedback. 
  • Offer CX experts to assist you in survey design, data analysis, and best practices implementation.
  • It prioritizes data security, ensuring the confidentiality and integrity of feedback data.


Pros  Cons 
Easily learn the usage of the product to get handy within minutes  A few integrations are yet to be launched 
Create personalized surveys with multiple in-built templates and themes 
Offers dynamic features like crosstab, import survey responses, automation in surveys, and more. 

Customer Review 

A screenshot of a customer review on SurveySensum from the G2 platform explaining what they like and dislike about the tool



You just have to pay for the number of responses you want and its basic plan starts at $99/month.  

Create Any Type of Survey on SurveySensum


2. Qualtrics

An image showing Qualtrics homepage 

Another AskNicely alternative is Qualtrics, a leading customer experience management platform that empowers organizations to collect, analyze, and take action on feedback from customers, employees, and other stakeholders. With its versatile survey and feedback collection capabilities, it facilitates data-driven decision-making to enhance customer experiences, improve employee engagement, and drive organizational success.

Best Features 

  • Qualtrics covers a wide range of experience management areas, offering a holistic approach to improving interactions.
  • It offers robust analytics and reporting features, including sentiment analysis and text analytics, to help users gain deeper insights from survey data.
  • It integrates with other software systems, facilitating the connection of feedback data with existing tools.


Pros  Cons 
Real-time insights for agile decision-making Expensive for small-scale businesses
Robust analytics and reporting capabilities Learning curve for new users due to its extensive features
Efficient automation and workflow management  Maintenance and updates require IT support


Customer Review 

A screenshot of a customer review on Qualtrics from the G2 platform explaining what they like and dislike about the tool



Contact their team for the information.

3. Delighted

The image showing the homepage of Delighted, the third AskNicely competitor 

Delighted is the third alternative to AskNicely. It is a customer feedback tool that lets organizations effortlessly gather, assess, and take action based on valuable customer feedback. Its user-friendly interface and robust feature set make it a game-changer in enhancing customer experience and driving business growth.

Best Feature

  • Users benefit from real-time data analytics, allowing them to address customer feedback promptly. 
  • Delighted seamlessly integrates with popular CRM and business tools, streamlining data management.
  • Delighted focus on NPS surveys, making it a standout choice for assessing customer loyalty.


Pros  Cons 
Easy to Use Limited data export options in low-tier plans
Omnichannel survey distribution  Advanced analytics need expertise

Customer Review 

A screenshot of a customer review on Delighted from the G2 platform explaining what they like and dislike about the tool



The basic plan of this tool begins at $224 per month. 

4. Birdeye

An image showing Birdeye's homepage

Birdeye is a powerful platform that helps businesses improve their online reputation and customer service. It achieves this by collecting and managing customer feedback, monitoring online reviews, and automating various customer engagement tasks. 

Best Feature

  • Offers real-time review tracking from different platforms, enabling quick responses to customer feedback.
  • Customizable surveys and feedback forms help gather insights for enhancing products and services.
  • Businesses can compare their online reputation with competitors, facilitating data-driven improvements.


Pros  Cons 
Streamline online reputation management Initial learning curve for new users
Smooth onboarding  Integration with certain platforms is limited

Customer Review 

A screenshot of a customer review on Birdeye from the G2 platform explaining what they like and dislike about the tool



Contact their team for price information. 

5. Medallia

The image showing the homepage of Medallia, the fifth AskNicely alternative 

Medallia is a leading customer experience management platform that helps businesses optimize their customer interactions and gather valuable feedback. With a suite of robust tools, Medallia allows organizations to analyze survey data, drive improvements, and enhance overall satisfaction. 

Best Feature

  • Medallia offers versatile feedback collection mechanisms, including surveys and feedback forms, enabling businesses to capture insights across various touchpoints.
  • It employs advanced sentiment analysis algorithms to gauge customer emotions, providing businesses with deeper insights into customer satisfaction levels.
  • Its real-time reporting and dashboards offer instant access to critical customer data, allowing businesses to make informed decisions promptly.


Pros  Cons 
Holistic feedback collection Initial setup requires technical expertise
Seamless integration options Costly compared to other tools 
Real-time data insights Requires continuous monitoring and analysis


Customer Review 

A screenshot of a customer review on Medallia from the Capterra platform explaining what they like and dislike about the tool



Contact their team for cost details. 

Analyze Gathered Customer Feedback with TA


6. SurveyMonkey

An image showing SurveyMonkey’s homepage 

SurveyMonkey is the penultimate alternative to AskNicely, an online survey platform that allows users to create surveys and questionnaires hassle-free. It is widely used by businesses, organizations, and individuals for collecting feedback, conducting research, and making data-driven decisions.

Best Features 

  • Offers a wide range of expert-designed survey templates for various industries and use cases
  • SurveyMonkey Genius is an AI-powered feature that provides personalized survey recommendations to optimize your survey questions
  • Its mobile app allows you to create, distribute, and analyze surveys on the go.


Pros  Cons 
User-friendly interface Advanced features like customization are only available in paid plans
Skip logic and branching Restrictions on the number of questions and responses in the free plan
Diverse survey distribution methods The learning curve for complex surveys
Integration with third-party apps Data export options are restricted

Customer Review

A screenshot of a customer review on SurveyMonkey from the G2 platform explaining what they like and dislike about the tool



The price of the tool starts at $20 per month. 

7. Nicereply

The image showing Nicereply’s homepage

Nicereply is a leading platform designed to help businesses enhance their customer satisfaction and feedback management. With a suite of innovative tools, Nicereply empowers organizations to measure customer interactions, collect feedback, and analyze data to drive improvements. 

Best Feature

  • The platform simplifies NPS survey measurement, enabling businesses to assess customer loyalty and identify areas for growth.
  • Its real-time reporting and analytics dashboards provide instant access to customer feedback data, facilitating timely decision-making.
  • Nicereply seamlessly integrates with popular CRM and helpdesk software, streamlining the incorporation of customer feedback into existing workflows.


Pros  Cons 
Multichannel feedback collection Initial setup may require technical expertise
Customizable survey templates Continuous monitoring and analysis are necessary
Real-time reporting and analytics Integration complexities with certain systems
Extensive integration options Limited customization options in some areas

Customer Review 

A screenshot of a customer review on Nicereply from the G2 platform explaining what they like and dislike about the tool



The basic plan of this tool starts at $59 per month. 


In exploring these top AskNicely alternatives, it becomes evident that each solution brings its unique strengths and capabilities to the table. The choice between them ultimately depends on the specific needs and priorities of your business. 

While AskNicely itself offers robust feedback management, other options like SurveySensum cater to diverse requirements, from multi-channel feedback collection to advanced sentiment analysis, offering various features to enhance customer experience and satisfaction.

To choose the right tool for your business, get in touch with our CX expert by requesting a demo here. But make sure you know your organization’s goals and customer service objectives, ensuring a tailored fit for your unique requirements.


Manisha Khandelwal

Senior Content Marketer at SurveySensum

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