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Understanding Qualtrics Pricing: Finding the Right CX Tool for Your Needs

May 24, 2024

8 mins read

Manisha Khandelwal

Qualtrics is a widely used customer experience management tool that focuses on creating surveys, collecting responses, analyzing data, and generating reports to improve overall customer and employee experience. 

The tool is a well-known name in the CX industry for its wide range of survey features and settings and advanced capabilities suited for enterprise-level organizations. It encompasses four primary functions – CustomerXM, ProductXM, EmployeeXM, and BrandXM, all aimed at developing a model that focuses on customer satisfaction and happiness.

But Is Qualtrics Worth It?

Despite the advanced capabilities, fame, and popularity in the CX world, Qualtrics Pricing is considered to be a dilemma for many organizations! 

While the tool is generally considered ideal for enterprises that have the budget and resources, it digs a hole in the pocket of small and medium-sized companies. Plus it comes with a steep learning curve. 

And not just this, there are more drawbacks to this software. So, let’s talk about these drawbacks and how you can eliminate them.

Qualtrics: Cons

While Qualtrics is a widely-used and powerful survey platform, there are a few potential drawbacks to consider.

1. Qualtrics: Cost

When it comes to subscribing to any type of tool for organizational use, cost becomes the number one priority, especially if you are not a multi-billion dollar company. 

With Qualtrics that’s the exact case! Qualtrics pricing is so hefty that it digs a hole in the pocket of any small to large-size organizations. So, why use such a tool at such a high price that limits you and not enables you?

The paid plans of Qualtrics start at $420/month. But for such a high price you only get 1000 responses total, across all users, along with other advanced features and settings like 23+ question types, advanced analysis, dashboards, etc. Also, in the free version, you only get 500 total responses with limited settings and features like skip, display, and branch logic and limited styling options.

So, the tool might be an ideal choice for enterprise-level organizations with big budgets, but if you are a medium to small-scale industry then paying such big bucks for limited settings and features is not an ideal solution for you.

The image shows the review of Qualtrics pricing.

*Source: Gartner, Feb 28, 2024

2. Qualtrics: CX Consultation

New to the CX world?

Where to start?


Where to launch the survey?

What to ask?

Yes, these questions can break or make your CX program – especially if you want to launch a CX program that gives you actionable insights and improves your business performance. This is exactly where CX consultants come into the picture. They provide end-to-end implementation support from creating surveys from scratch to recommending the insights to make the most impact on your business objectives.

But Qualtrics lacks in this area. 

The tool doesn’t provide any type of implementation support or consultation for new users to help them with different aspects of the tool. New users specifically get affected by this as they have little to no knowledge of how to use CX metrics to improve and boost their overall business metrics and performance.

3. Qualtrics: Customer Service

No tool is perfect! And there has been not a single first-time user in the world who didn’t need help with a new tool. 

But with Qualtrics, the help often comes late. Or never comes. The only support channel is email which takes a lot of time to respond and resolve. Now, this is not something that you would expect from a product where you are paying $420/month, right?

The image shows the review of Qualtrics on customer service.

*Source: Gartner, Oct 4, 2023

4. Qualtrics: Learning Curve

Qualtrics has a steep learning curve for new users, which requires a lot of time and resources to become proficient in using the platform seamlessly. 

And no one wants to learn the workings of any new platform!

The image shows the review of Qualtrics on the learning curve.

*Source: G2, May 22, 2023

No need to scratch your head looking for a cost-effective CX solution and a powerful Qualtrics competitor. Just sign up to SurveySensum and discover a world of advanced survey capabilities at affordable prices and transform your feedback into revenue today!

So, if you are also stuck with these drawbacks and looking for a Qualtrics alternative, then scroll down.

Qualtrics Pricing Alternative

SurveySensum: A Worthy Alternative

Cost Effective | 24* Support (On all channels) | CX Consultation (with no extra charge!)

SurveySensum is a customer experience management tool that enables users to create, launch, and analyze effective CX surveys across industries like B2B, NBFC, automotive, retail, SaaS, etc. It is known for taking action on customer feedback that ACTUALLY impacts your revenue.

The tool suits the needs of both new and seasoned CX individuals. Along with the basic necessities like cross-tab analysis, WhatsApp surveys, an analytical dashboard, and more, SurveySensum advanced features like AI-powered text analysis software, a real-time ticketing system (for closed loop), ease of DIY, better visualization, and more. 

It focuses on basically extracting actionable insights and boosting the overall customer experience while driving the CX-driven ROI.

Here’s how SurveySensum performs better than Qaultrics in key areas.

1. Cost

The image shows the pricing detail of the SurveySensum CX tool.

SurveySensum’s paid plans start at only $99/month and provide A LOT more than Qualtrics. Even with this basic paid plan, you get 500 responses per month and 5000 emails per month, along with all the website integrations, unlimited users, unlimited surveys, unlimited touchpoints, and unlimited questions [All inclusive]. And if you need more than 5000 responses per month, it won’t cost you more than $599/month. 

So, with SurveySensum, to get better features and settings you don’t need to break your bank and also don’t have to compromise on quality. Also, the tool has a transparent pricing policy with no hidden costs, unlike Qualtrics.

The image shows the review of SurveySensum pricing.

*Source: G2, Sep 11, 2023

Mentionn G2 SS

2. CX Consultation

SurveySensum is not just a feedback tool. Along with the platform, the platform also provides CX consultation from experts. These experts provide end-to-end support – from creating effective surveys to analyzing them to creating a well-formed action plan by extracting insights from feedback and turning them into revenue. All of these will be aligned with your business KPIs and how feedback can help you achieve those.

The image shows the review of SurveySensum on the CX Consultation.

*Source: G2, April 13, 2022

3. Customer Service

With SurveySensum, you get lightning-fast customer support with 2-hour SLA support guaranteed that too on all the channels 24*7. Also, the client retention rate of this tool is 100%.

The image shows the review of SurveySensum on customer service.

*Source: G2, Jan 28, 2021

Mention G2 SS

4. Learning Curve

SurveySensum hosts a myriad of settings and features that are suitable for users of all levels but the best part is all these settings and features have an easy-to-understand user interface and navigation. This makes it easier even for a beginner, with zero knowledge of the CX industry, to understand and implement in their daily activities.

The image shows the review of SurveySensum on the learning curve.

*Source: G2, Nov 09, 2023

Some more value-added features of SurveySensum:

  • Ad hoc research in the same feedback platform
  • Transparent pricing with no hidden cost
  • Text Analytics in your native language
  • Closed loop ticketing system


Although Qualtrics has several advanced features and settings and is a widely popular name in the CX industry, it may not necessarily be the right tool for you. It is indeed a great option for enterprise-level organizations with big budgets and seasoned professionals with years of experience. 

But if you are a medium to small-scale industry, then it is not an ideal choice. So, if you fall into the latter category, then look for alternatives such as SurveySensum.

This tool will provide you with all the advanced features you need but also at an affordable budget without compromising on the quality. Not only that but with SurveySensum’s CX consultation, you can actually understand what action to take and which area to prioritize in order to transform your feedback into revenue.
Sign up to SurveySensum Today and Start Your Journey of CX Excellency!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Qualtrics free?

No, Qualtrics is not free but it does come with a free plan with 500 total responses on a single user account with 3 active surveys, 30 questions per survey, and limited survey settings and features.

2. How much does Qualtrics cost?

The paid plan for Qualtrics starts at $420/month with 1000 responses in total across all users.

3. Is Qualtrics worth it?

It depends on what you are trying to achieve. If you are an enterprise-level organization with big budgets and complex survey and analytics needs, then it will be worth exploring Qualtrics. However, if you are a small or medium-scale business looking for an affordable CX solution but also don’t want to compromise on quality then Qualtrics might not be ideal for you.

4. How expensive is Qualtrics?

The paid plan of Qualtrics starts from $420/month with 1000 responses total across all users.

Manisha Khandelwal

Senior Content Marketer at SurveySensum

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