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Qualtrics vs. SurveyMonkey vs. SurveySensum: Which one to choose?

May 11, 2023

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Manisha Khandelwal


Surveys are indispensable tools in the modern business world. And an intelligible survey tool offers actionable insights, detailed reports, and powerful analytics to improve the decision-making of an organization and inculcate customer feedback into the processes.

But which survey tool is the best in the market?

Which one should you opt for?

Qualtrics, SurveyMonkey, and SurveySensum are the top three survey tools in the market that offer exceptional services and features to their customers but come with some limitations.

In this article, we’ll discuss each of these tools in detail and compare them to understand the best survey tool for the customers’ needs.

Introduction – Qualtrics vs. SurveyMonkey vs. SurveySensum


SurveySensum is a customer feedback management platform and one of the best survey tools available in the market. It uses AI and other advanced technologies to create intelligent CSAT, NPS, CES, CSI, SSI, and market research forms and surveys to gather customer feedback. 

It is a multichannel and multilingual tool that empowers you to create surveys, collect all the feedback from multiple channels in one place, analyze that feedback, and create insightful action plans and reports in real-time. 

This feedback platform is majorly used by the automotive, BFSI, and insurance industries and is known for transparent pricing and lightning customer support.

SurveySensum’s dashboard showing various NPS values of campaigns

Automobile giants like Daimler (Mercedes-Benz), Astra (Honda), Indomobil (Nissan), etc., from Indonesia, are some of the most promising clients of SurveySensum.


Qualtrics is a leading survey tool that businesses use to survey their customers. It helps you create and launch surveys quickly and collect important analytics to drive business growth, understand customer satisfaction and loyalty, and improve the overall customer experience. 

Homepage of qualtrics

Some of the notable byproducts of Qualtrics are Customer XM, Employee XM, Brand XM, Design XM, Core XM, and XM Dscvr. The solution works best for industries like Education, Healthcare software, Technology, Retail, Financial Services, B2B, Travel, Hospitality, etc. 

Business giants like Volkswagen, Chobani, Finder, Vietnam Airlines, Healthscope, etc., are among the famous clients of Qualtrics. 

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SurveyMonkey is one of the global leaders in the industry. They offer multiple plans and packages for users according to their business requirements. It is ideal for a business to create online surveys effectively and generate strategic analytics and insights using SurveyMonkey. It is comparatively easy to use and execute. 

homepage of surveymonkey

Momentive and GetFeedback are two other brands of SurveyMonkey. SurveyMonkey lets you create surveys for measuring CSAT, employee engagement, NPS, market research, etc., without hassles. You can collect survey responses in real-time from multiple sources and integrate the data into several external and internal applications to make the best out of the survey results. 

Adobe, Verizon, Johnson & Johnson, TweezerMan, etc., are some of the celebrated clientele of SurveyMonkey. 

Now, as we have seen a brief intro of the three industry-leading survey tools, let us explore and compare their features.

Tabular Comparison – Qualtrics vs. SurveyMonkey vs. SurveySensum

Tabular Comparison - Qualtrics vs. SurveyMonkey vs. SurveySensum

Feature Comparison – Qualtrics vs SurveyMonkey vs SurveySensum

Qualtrics, SurveyMonkey, and SurveySensum are all very competent and leading survey platforms that offer several critical features to their clients to measure various experience metrics easily. 

Let’s move into the feature comparison of Qualtrics vs SurveyMonkey vs SurveySensum. 

#1- Pre-built templates & questionnaire

Pre-built templates available in SurveySensum survey tool

All three survey tools offer a wide range of pre-built templates for various industries and use cases. Also, each tool allows their users to customize their surveys to modify the questions and align the survey design with their brand. 

The main difference is in how users can get them

  • Qualtrics

In Qualtrics, if users need to have the ability to customize their questions or survey design, they need to purchase their paid plan. And the fact that the tool is one the most expensive tools in the market dampens the attractiveness of this feature.   

  • SurveyMonkey

The free version of the tool allows users to run surveys, but the survey questions and design templates available are very limited. Also, the survey templates are very generic and lack an interactive approach. 

  • SurveySensum 

In contrast to the two survey tools, SurveySensum offers unlimited survey questions and surveys with customizable templates in the free version itself. This helps users to get a better grip on the tool. Their survey templates include NPS, CES, CSAT, VoC, product experience, brand experience, and more. 

#2 – Customization capabilities

Survey design customization is a core competency that every business looks forward to while implementing a survey tool. 

  • Qualtrics

Qualtrics allows you to customize surveys to suit your branding. Though it provides some unique features, styles, and fonts, it is only available for paid customers. 

  • SurveyMonkey

SurveyMonkey is a great tool for surveying but lacks customization capabilities. Survey templates and styles are all the same and generic. If you happen to have a paid plan, then you can do a few more tweaks, but that’s it. 

  • SurveySensum

SurveySensum allows users to customize their designs and themes to a greater extent as compared to Qualtrics and SurveyMonkey. It is easy to personalize, brand, and change the feel of the surveys with SurveySensum, and it does not cost a lot. 

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#3 – User Experience

A great survey tool should guarantee a great user experience for the users and their customers. It should be easy to learn and execute. Customers who are filling out the surveys must find them interactive and visually compelling. 

  • Qualtrics

Qualtrics, though the most expensive of the other two survey tools, doesn’t provide enough user experience in the prima facie. Beginners find it difficult to master it and have to spend a considerable amount of time learning and mastering the survey tool.  

  • SurveyMonkey

The user interface is simple and easy to use. Although according to the latest review in G2, at times, users have found it difficult to create surveys. 

  • SurveySensum

The user experience of SurveySensum stands out if we evaluate the numerous positive reviews in G2 and other software review platforms. As per the reviews, it is one of the most user-friendly survey platforms in the industry while being easy to set up and use. They affirm that even novices can create and run surveys quickly.

#4 – Customer Support

Who doesn’t need excellent customer support? It is one of the most influential factors that lets you choose a product. 

  • Qualtrics

They have improved their customer support over the years by providing assistance through live chats, in-person training, phone support, and email support. Customers have found their support quick and responsive. 

  • SurveyMonkey

Currently, SurveyMonkey offers live chat, phone, and email support. Though they provide this essential support, they have a mixed customer review

  • SurveySensum

How SurveySensum helped Apria Healthcare with surveys

By offering end-to-end customer support through multiple channels, SurveySensum’s customer support is better in contrast to the other two tools. Their support involves but not limited to the following.

  1. Self-help articles and videos
  2. Onboard Support
  3. Email, Live Chat & Phone Support
  4. Dedicated CX Manager

#5 – Text & Sentiment Analysis

Text analytics overview in SurveySensum survey tool

Text & Sentiment Analysis is one of the most sought-after features of survey platforms. It helps you understand the emotions behind responses and make decisions accordingly. 

  • Qualtrics 

Qualtrics offers sentiment analysis tools only on its advanced levels. Normal users and account holders cannot use these features as part of the analytics. 

  • SurveyMonkey

SurveyMonkey’s Sentiment Analysis is a paid feature that is available only on certain plans and packages. And it is also only available in English surveys [No multi-lingual support in this feature]

  • SurveySensum

It is easier to identify and tag sentiments and emotions in real-time with SurveySensum. You can also use advanced features like tagging, word-cloud, etc., with the help of AI and ML. It is available in all plans.

#6 – Integrations

Integrations in SurveySensum survey tool

Integrations are always exciting as you can easily connect the surveys with third-party applications, CRM software, and other internal tools to squeeze the juice out of it and make better decisions in time. 

  • Qualtrics

Qualtrics has more apps lined up in the system for you to connect with. It is expensive but allows you to connect with several third-party apps and tools.

  • SurveyMonkey

SurveyMonkey has 100+ apps listed in the directory that you can connect to directly. 

  • SurveySensum

Connect with all essential apps and improve your work efficiency. Following are a few integrations offered by SurveySensum.

  1. Hubspot, Intercom, Slack, Zapier
  2. Email notifications ( Standard, Custom)
  3. Open API Support
  4. Historical data migration

The tool also allows for custom integrations, enabling your business to integrate with the tool of your liking. This is available upon request.

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Pricing Comparison – Qualtrics vs SurveyMonkey vs SurveySensum 

Pricing is the most critical factor that captures customers. Pricing impacts the budget allocation, ROI, and accessibility of users with varying financial resources. Not to mention that the tool also has to meet the company’s needs and requirements. 

Furthermore, if the product offers free versions and trials, users can try the software to see if it fits their needs. Let’s find out more. 

  • Qualtrics

Free Version – Available

Free Trial – Not Available

Pricing details aren’t available on their website. You need to reach out to them for the pricing. However, after signing up, you will be able to see their basic plan, which is $120 per month for 1 user

The pricing is expensive even for large businesses, thus making it harder for Startups and SMBs to use this.

  • SurveyMonkey

Free Version – Available

Free Trial – Not Available

The basic plan starts at $20 per user per month. Enterprise plans are customized according to your needs.

  • SurveySensum

Free Version – Available

Free Trial – Available

The basic plan starts at $49 per month for 250 responses with unlimited users, surveys, and questions. You also get a free expert consultation for surveys.

Why Should You Choose SurveySensum?

Client review of SurveySensum survey tool on G2 Platform

Apart from the features we discussed earlier, SurveySensum provides the following extra features.

1. WhatsApp Surveys:

Whatsapp is one of the most used apps around the world for communication, and SurveySensum allows you to leverage it for better survey results. By creating and running Whatsapp surveys, you can ensure better customer interactions and improved response rates.

You can learn how SurveySensum used WhatsApp surveys to improve the survey response rate of Indomobil. 

2. Advanced Closed-Loop:

Detractors are inevitable in surveys. No matter your effort there might at least be one customer that didn’t like your product/service. And the efficient way to convert these detractors to promoters is closed-loop feedback

With SurveySensum, you will get real-time notifications whenever detractors pop up. In doing so, you will be able to reach out to the customer quickly, understand what the problem is and rectify them asap. This can further help improve the customer support experience, increasing the likelihood of converting detractors into promoters.  

3. Conversational Analytics:

Powered by advanced AI technologies, SurveySensum helps you automate feedback tagging by sentiment and category. This saves a considerable amount of time and allows you to focus on identifying top customer complaints in real time. 

With this conversational analytics, you prioritize the major customer concerns and improve your product efficiency. 

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Bonus FAQs

1. Which platform is ideal for small businesses?

The ideal one would be SurveySensum. Small businesses can use its free version to create and run surveys. Whereas for the other two, businesses have to purchase their paid plans for the purpose. 

2. Are there any free plans or trial periods available for these survey tools?

Free version is available for all three tools, however free trials for the paid plans are absent in Qualtrics and SurveyMonkey. 

3. What type of customer support can I expect from each survey tool?

Following are the types of customer support you can expect from each tool. 

  • Qualtrics – Live chat, email, phone, and in-person support
  • SurveyMonkey – Live chat, phone and email support
  • SurveySensum – End-to-end customer support including live chat, email, phone, self help articles and videos, and a dedicated CX manager.


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Senior Content Marketer at SurveySensum

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