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7 Best AI Text Analysis Tools For In-Depth and Smart Analysis

Jun 25, 2024

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Manisha Khandelwal

Are your customers happy with your product/service? 

Are they unhappy with your solutions, if so, why?

What does each each section of your customer expect from you?

Now, this would have been easy to answer if you had recieved 10 or 20 customer feedback. But from hundreds or even millions of feedback – it is impossible!

Then, how do you comb through this enormous amount of data to understand every customer? Here’s where AI text analysis tools come in.

Now, what are AI Text Analysis Tools?

AI text analysis tools help you understand the “Why” behind a customer’s feedback. With these tools you can analyze feedback in depth to  — uncover hidden sentiments, reveal customer behavior patterns, and even predict future trends using Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning. In short, they enable deep text analysis.

So, what exactly is text analysis? In simple terms, Text analysis uses NLP and machine algorithms to analyze unstructured and raw text data (feedback, review, etc.) to extract meaningful insights from them.

So, yes, you need AI tools for text analysis to deliver exceptional customer experience. It is therefore crucial to choose the right analysis tool that fits your business perfectly.

Top 7 AI Text Analysis Tools: A Quick Comparison

AI Survey Tool Standout AI Text Analysis Feature Ideal for Free Trial (AI Features) Pricing G2 Rating 
Surveysensum Tagging,
Sentiment Analysis, Smart Reports
Medium to large size businesses  ✔️ $99/month yearly 4.6/5
Qualtrics Humanized insights,
Widget Reports
Large enterprises   Contact their team 4.4/5
Zonka Feedback Trend Analysis Businesses of all sizes ✔️ $49 per month annually 4.7/5
SurveyMonkey Sentiment analysis Businesses of all sizes ✔️ $25 per month per user 4.4/5
QuestionPro Data cleansing, Trend analysis, Text Mining Enterprises, small businesses, Research-oriented institutions & individual researchers $83 per month yearly 4.6/5
MonkeyLearn Keyword extractor, Sentiment Analysis Small and medium companies Contact the team  4/5
SurveySparrow Key Driver Analysis Businesses of all sizes $19 per month 4.4/5

7 Best AI Text Analysis Tools for Smart Customer Feedback Analysis

Here’s a detailed comparison of the 7 best AI text analysis tools of the 2024 market to help you choose the perfect one for extracting actionable customer insights. 

1. SurveySensum

This image depicts the screenshot of Surveysensum’s capabilities as an AI text analysis tool.

SurveySensum is one of the most affordable and efficient AI-enabled text analysis tools out there. This comprehensive AI-driven feedback management platform helps businesses explore even the small nuances of customer sentiments through text analysis.

The intelligent platform uses NLP and machine learning models to help you analyze the intricate details hidden in millions of open-ended customer feedback.  All you need to do is train its machine-learning model with initial data (for like 100 responses). Then it automatically tags all the hundreds and thousands of feedback for you and gives you top trends and sentiments. 

You can uncover hidden customer sentiment, find out the reason behind it, trace patterns, and predict future customer behavior.

Standout Text Analysis Features

  • Automated Tagging:  Start by training the tool to create tags and keywords. Tags are labels that you can assign to a certain phrase or word in the text. Keywords are the said phrases/words that correspond to a particular tag. Once that’s done, the platform analyses this and facilitates automated tagging, grouping your feedback by sentiments, topics, or even specific product features.
  • Word Spotting: With word spotting, you can spot specific words that embody the meaning of a sentence. For instance, if the tool spots easy in a sentence, it immediately understands that the feedback is positive and the feedback is about your product’s user-friendliness (assuming it is product feedback).
  • Sentiment Analysis:  Identify customer sentiments and understand the entire spectrum of emotions from unstructured feedback data in real-time. For instance, you can analyze and find negative sentiments from the feedback, group them, and discover common words to uncover the root cause.
  • Predict Customer Behavior: Train AI models for specific use cases to enable them to dynamically learn and evolve in real-time. These models will then be able to match keywords and tags to identify customer behavior patterns, extract key insights, and predict their future behavior.
  • Real-time Reports: Convert your qualitative feedback into data-driven insights. Real-time reports offer detailed analysis of a range of customer sentiment drivers, identify behaviors, and predict future trends, helping you make highly functional decisions and close the feedback loop efficiently.

Most Popular Features

  • Pre-built Templates: SurveySensum helps you skip the survey-building struggle. The platform offers 100+ industry-specific customizable templates for NPS, CSAT, CES, and more. This helps you launch well-crafted surveys in no time, saving you precious time and effort.
  • Text Analysis: Text analysis is the most loved feature of Surveysensum. As mentioned, their text analysis tool takes a closer look at customer feedback to help you understand customer sentiments, behavioral patterns, and future trends in real time.
  • Dedicated CX expertise: Surveysensum takes a holistic approach to help its customers ace the feedback game. Apart from the efficient features, the platform offers the guidance of CX experts who conduct dedicated workshops to help you at every step of the survey process (i.e. creating surveys and analyzing feedback to making the right decisions) and close the feedback loop.
  • Multi-lingual surveys: Curate questions in the language that your respondents prefer, thanks to its intuitive language editor. All you have to do is simply select the language from a list of 100!

This image depicts the screenshot of Surveysensum’s reviews on the product review platform G2

This image depicts the screenshot of Surveysensum’s reviews on the product review platform G2


  • Extremely user-friendly
  • Efficient AI-enabled text analysis
  • Exceptional customer support with <2 hours SLA
  • Ad-hoc research on the same platform
  • Transparent and affordable pricing (each plan comes with numerous features)


  • Certain app integrations are yet to feature, but the support team can help you integrate with any app upon request.

Ideal for: Small to Medium to large size companies, across different industries –  automotive, B2B, SaaS, Telecom, and NBFC.

Pricing: The basic pricing plan starts at $99/month yearly.

Free AI Text Analysis Tool Trial : Available

Extract Valuable Insights from Millions of Feedback with Surveysensum’s AI Text Analysis

2. Qualtrics

This image depicts the screenshot of Qualtrics XM homepage dedicated to its AI text analysis tool.

Qualtrics Text iQ focuses on delivering humanized intelligence at scale to bring a positive impact on your business. The AI tool utilizes text analysis to process large volumes of structured and unstructured data to extract insights. Using advanced machine learning and NLP, Qualtrics enables you to assign topics to feedback, monitor sentiment, identify trends, and get powerful reports.

Standout Text Analysis Features

  • Humanized Insights: Text iQ analyses the language in your response and question text to analyze and classify customer sentiments into Very Negative, Negative, Neutral, Positive, Very positive, or Mixed sentiment. By doing so, you get an accurate idea of what your customers are feeling.
  • Feedback Categorization: Qualtrics leverages cross-lingual machine learning models to assign categories like actionability, effort, emotion, etc. to your survey response so that you can find the feedback that requires the most attention.
  • Widget Reports: Qualtrics reports your results with the help of visually appealing, dynamic widgets that break down each topic with their visual features.

Most Popular Features:

  • iQ: Powered by NLP and machine learning, iQ helps you make informed decisions by transforming large chunks of raw data into actionable insights.
  • XM Discover: XM Discover gives a complete picture of what your audience feels about your brand by analyzing every channel and interaction to uncover insights.
  • xID : xID helps you create unified profiles for individual customers by capturing their interactions from various sources, helping you analyze them better.


  • Clear and understandable data visualization
  • In-depth analytics
  • Smart survey logic and branding
  • Responsive customer support team


  • AI-driven features have a steep learning curve
  • A very pricey option
  • Complex interface
  • Caters mostly to large enterprises

Ideal for: Large enterprises and research-oriented institutions

Pricing: Contact Qualtrics team to get a quote.

Free Trial for AI Text Analysis: Not Available

3. Zonka Feedback

This image depicts the screenshot of Zonka Feedback’s page depicting text analysis features.

Zonka Feedback is yet another productive AI tool for text analysis. The tool incorporates advanced text analysis functionalities into its survey and feedback analysis process. Using NLP and machine learning, Zonka Feedback converts open-ended raw feedback into actionable insights by pinpointing specific customer emotions, and emerging trends. It also provides automated themes and tagging, identifying topics to classify and structure data, for more coherence.

Standout AI Text Analysis Features

  • Sentiment Analysis: Automatically categorize comments as positive, negative, or neutral to get a better idea of customer sentiment.
  • Automated Tags: The AI Tagger suggests tags that match responses and generates new tags automatically to simplify the tagging process.
  • Trend Analysis: Keep a close eye on how customer sentiment and key topics change over time. This helps you pinpoint emerging issues and evaluate the effectiveness of your strategies. With this insight, you can adapt quickly and stay ahead in meeting your customers’ needs.

Most Popular Features

  • Question Types: Zonka Feedback offers over 30 question types to cater to your questions to your survey type, audience, and requirements. The question types include NPS, CES, CSAT, Likert Scale, Dropdown, and more.
  • White-labeled Surveys: Create white-labeled surveys, i.e. surveys that align with your brand. Add your brand logo, themes, and colors to craft surveys that depict your brand identity.


  • Smooth integration of text analytics with responses
  • Efficient analysis
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • No code survey builder


  • Limited integration capabilities
  • Basic plan comes with limitations
  • Expensive plans
  • Slow and basic UX

Ideal for: Businesses of all sizes

Pricing: Basic plan starts at $49 per month annually.

Free AI Text Analysis Tool Trial: Available

4. SurveyMonkey

This image depicts the screenshot of SurveyMonkey’s page depicting its text analysis features.

The popular survey tool, SurveyMonkey is also a great AI text analysis tool. It analyses scores of open-ended responses through sentiment analysis and keyword extraction. The best aspect of SurveyMonkey is that it is a no-code platform that is extremely easy to use.

Standout AI Text Analysis Features

  • Response Tagging: Create tags and leverage them to classify and categorize text responses automatically.
  • Word Cloud: This feature helps you to create a graphical representation of the most common words and phrases used in your survey responses, making it easy for you to identify them.
  • Sentiment Analysis: SurveyMonkey analyzes and automatically groups text responses to reveal the sentiment behind each response.

Most Popular Features:

  • Extensive Template Options: SurveyMonkey offers over 400 pre-built survey templates. These customizable templates are extremely efficient as they are crafted by survey experts.
  • Survey Logic: With seamless survey logic, this tool makes sure that individual respondents answer questions that are relevant to them. Thus, maintaining a smooth survey flow and high response rates.


  • Steep learning curve
  • User-friendly interface
  • Seamless AI-survey optimization


  • Limited advanced text analytics capabilities
  • Unstable server capabilities
  • Steep pricing
  • Customer support is mediocre at best
  • Export options are limited

Ideal for: Businesses of all sizes

Pricing: The basic plan starts at $25 per month per user

Free Trial for AI Text Analysis: Available

Leverage Surveysensum’s Powerful AI Text Analysis Tool to Get an In-depth Insight into Customers

5. QuestionPro

This image depicts the screenshot of QuestionPro page depicting its text analysis software.

QuestionPro is a smart AI text analysis tool that converts customer opinions in the form of raw text to data-driven insights in real-time. It offers advanced features like text mining and data visualization for better feedback and review analysis.

Standout AI Text Analysis Features

  • Data Cleansing: QuestionPro runs through your raw data, and flags incorrect, inappropriate, duplicate, and incomplete data to improve its quality.
  • Text Mining: The tool analyzes the frequency of text occurrences to curate a visual word map for individual data.
  • Trend Analysis: Trend analysis studies the frequency of responses that occurred at specific time intervals to find actionable conclusions.

Most Popular Features

  • Survey Logic: QuestionPro offers you 10+ logic options, including branching, extraction, and compound & delayed logic.  This feature ensures a personalized survey flow for each respondent.
  • Question Types: With QuestionPro,  you can leverage a range of question types like open-ended questions, multiple choice type questions, matrix table questions, rating questions, and more.


  • Advanced text analysis features
  • Quick customer service
  • User-friendly Interface


  • Advanced features come with a steep learning curve
  • Free Plan comes with a lot of limitations
  • Quite a pricey option, especially for small businesses

Ideal for: Enterprises, small businesses, Research-oriented institutions & individual researchers

Pricing: The basic plan starts at $83 per month on an annual basis.

Free AI Text Analysis Tool Trial: Not Available

6. MonkeyLearn

This image depicts the screenshot of MonkeyLearn’s homepage depicting its text analysis features.

MonkeyLearn is a user-friendly machine-learning tool designed to analyze text and extract actionable insights from huge amounts of data. This low-code platform has a simple point-and-click interface for easy navigation.

Standout AI Text Analysis Features

  • Sentiment Analysis: Understand the voice of your customer by delving deep into feedback and uncovering hidden sentiments.
  • Keyword Extractor: Discover relevant keywords and phrases that make the most of your feedback data to analyze common customer trends and behavior.

Most Popular Features

  • Text Classification: Build text classifiers and analyze your text data to detect topic intent, sentiments, urgency, and more.
  • Text Extraction:  MonkeyLearn creates text extractors to pinpoint specific data within text, like keywords, to structure your data in seconds.


  • Advanced text analysis features
  • Extensive custom capabilities
  • Seamless integration of text analysis in business workflows


  • Slightly pricey
  • Data privacy is limited

Ideal for: Small and medium companies

Pricing: Contact the MonkeyLearn team to get a quote.

Free Trial for AI Text Analysis: Not Available

7. SurveySparrow

This image depicts the screenshot of SurveySparrow’s Text Analysis Tool, CogniVue.

Another AI survey tool that has tapped into text analysis is SurveySparrow. Its

intelligent data analysis feature CogniVue helps you make actionable decisions by accurately analyzing unstructured text feedback. It identifies key drivers and sentiments of customer discussions and suggests the areas that need improvement.

Standout AI Text Analysis Features

  • Data Cleansing: CogniVue analyzes your unstructured feedback text to fix typos and other inconsistencies.
  • Key Driver Analysis: The Key-Driver analysis widgets of CogniVue will help you understand the topics that need immediate attention to bring a boost to your CX scores.

Most Popular Features

  • Chat-like Surveys: This AI text analysis tool enables you to create a chat-like interface for your surveys, providing a mobile-first experience that boosts respondent engagement.
  • Offline Surveys: With SurveySparrow, you can gather feedback from your audience even without an internet connection.

Ideal for: Businesses of all sizes


  • Seamless skip logic
  • Detailed data insights via CogniVue
  • Easy to Use


  • Basic pricing plan comes with very limited functionalities
  • Clunky reports

Pricing: The Basic Plan starts at $19 per month.

Free Trial for AI Text Analysis: Not Available

Choosing the Right AI Text Analysis Tool to Boost Your Customer Experience

We have analyzed and compared the best AI text analysis tools in the market of 2024. But does that mean all these tools are perfect for your business? Absolutely not. Every single tool in our list is efficient, but all of them might not help you boost your customer experience via deep text analysis of their feedback.

So what do you do? Compare all your requirements, goals, and budget with each of the tool features and pricing. Does any tool match your requirements? If yes, then you’ve got the right AI text analysis for your business.

Now, if SurveySensum checks all your boxes, then you can sign up for free right away.

Deliver Exceptional Customer Experience with SurveySensum’s Nifty Text Analysis Tool

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