Qualtrics vs Medallia: A Detailed Comparison

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Qualtrics vs Medallia: A Detailed Comparison

Oct 12, 2022

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Manisha Khandelwal

There are multiple customer experience platforms out there. Qualtrics and Medallia are the two of them.

Apart from creating surveys, analysis, and reporting, there is so much more to both of them.

But which one is the best?

Let’s dig further to help you choose between the best of the two options – Qualtrics or Medallia. 

Qualtrics – Features and Limitations

voice of the customer tool qualtrics

Do you want to know how your customers feel about your products/ services, or what your employees feel about your organization? 

Then, Qualtrics is your choice.

Qualtrics is a web-based CX platform that enables you to create and run customizable surveys. It helps you gather omnichannel feedback and gives you in-depth insights and reports using advanced analytical tools. Also, it helps identify the emotions, tone, and sentiment hidden in each response. 

What else can you do with Qualtrics? 

You can create feedback surveys, monitor the responses, design workflows, and assess the quality of the customer experience. All of this will get you detailed insights and help you create action plans to resolve any possible issues to close the loop quickly. 

Qualtrics lets you analyze customer needs and understand their expectations. It enables you to tailor-make action plans so that you always deliver an outstanding customer experience. Transparency in operations allows you to collaborate with your team members and show them how your customers feel. 

Qualtrics helps you close experience gaps by understanding the requirements in advance so that you can create workflows to resolve such issues in the future.  

Limitations of Qualtrics

Well, with every set of feature abundance, you get to encounter limitations as well. The constraints of Qualtrics are shared below.

  • The text analytical feature produces very generic output and often you need to manually create tagging rules for future feedback. 
  • It does not have enough analytical features for reports outside individual surveys. 
  • Qualtrics keeps its focus on large-scale enterprises and small businesses may find it too expensive.
  • It doesn’t produce enough qualitative or longitudinal data on feedback due to which businesses often find it difficult to source and handle panelists or respondents from communities. 

Now that we know a bit about Qualtrics, let’s deep dive into the Medallia platform.

Medallia – Features and Limitations

Medallia Dashboard

Medallia is an experience management platform that uses experience data points called signals to help drive growth. This AI-enabled experience management solution helps you identify top customer sentiments from unstructured data with its text analysis and gives you actionable insights. So that you can monitor and provide enhanced experiences to your customers.

Thinking of integrations, now? 

Well, Medallia has it all. It lets you seamlessly connect with hundreds of applications making it easier to collaborate and share data across the team in real time and alert them with suggestions. 

What is so good about Medallia? 

Medallia is really concerned about your security when it comes to experience management. It uses proactive security measures to prevent vulnerability risks. Be it your employees, customers, digital impressions, or customer support center, use Medallia to overhaul and revamp experience management to the next level. 

Limitations of Medallia

Medallia also comes with a few limitations contrary to the numerous benefits and features it provides. 

  • It does not have specialized survey tools like Qualtrics.
  • It does not provide its users with many custom survey templates.

Now that we know a bit about both, let’s compare the two!

Qualtrics vs Medallia: Comparison

Both Qualtrics and Medallia offer several features and tools to analyze the user experience and drive growth. 

Let us drill down further and compare a few other features and tools in detail. 

Qualtrics and Medallia – Feature Comparison

Feature Comparison - Qualtrics vs Medallia

Qualtrics and Medallia – G2 Ratings

Qualtrics Vs. Medallia - G2 Ratings (Out of 10)

NPS, CSAT, and CES – Qualtrics and Medallia G2 Ratings

G2 Ratings – Features of Qualtrics and Medallia (Out of 10)

What do Qualtrics and Medallia customers have to say about these platforms!

Here’s what Qualtrics & Medallia customers have to say!

Is there any alternative that stacks up to Medallia and Qualtrics?

Medallia and Qualtrics are great tools in general. 

Our question here is if there is a better alternative to Qualtrics and Medallia. 

If there is any single solution that can replace Medallia and Qualtrics comprehensively in terms of pricing, features, functionalities, reliability, ease of use, etc.? 

Well, SurveySensum can help you here.

Let us see how SurveySensum stacks up with Medallia and Qualtrics in detail.

Introducing SurveySensum

This is the image of the customizable dashboard of SurveySensum- one of the market research analysis tools for a survey.

SurveySensum utilizes Artificial Intelligence to transform your customer experience to the next level. It helps organizations collect feedback, analyze it, and create actionable insights to drive growth. 

SurveySensum outran Medallia and Qualtrics with its intuitive features and functionalities. 


Its team helps you decide when to launch which surveys to collect and what kind of feedback. And its automated dashboard helps with how to use gathered insights to resolve issues and grow faster. 

Moreover, you can also create custom surveys and share them on multiple channels, receive automated feedback alerts, and use text analysis tools to identify the sentiments and emotions from the responses. 

Plus, its automated suggestions and insights help you to close the loop and provide an excellent customer experience throughout the customer journey. 

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Some of the interactive and productive features of SurveySensum are:

  • In-built Survey Templates

Creating surveys has never been easier. Choose a template based on your objective, customize it in your theme and you are good to go!

  • Powerful Dashboards

An AI-powered dashboard that gives you actionable insights on customer feedback helping your team identify and resolve customer issues faster. 

  • NPS, CES, CSAT surveys, and more

Go beyond the NPS, CES, and CSAT surveys. Product, onboarding, CSI, pulse, or more, launch any kind of survey you want and take full advantage of the team that will help you with choosing the right survey and the right questions.

  • Text Analytics

Identify the top issues of customers with the help of text analytics software and reduce complaints considerably. It extracts top customer complaints and sentiments from the open-ended responses giving you all the insights you need to resolve them in time.

  • Transparent Pricing

Unlike many other platforms, SurveySensum is very transparent about its pricing. What you see is what you get, no hidden pricing is involved.

  • Seamless Integrations 

SurveySensum offers flawless integrations to many third-party tools and services, creating seamless connectivity throughout. Helping you can enjoy all the processes and information on one platform.

SurveSensum offers a superabundance of functionalities and benefits in addition to endless features. 

  • Easiest feedback platform to use
  • Offers 360-degree solutions for professionals 
  • Provides actionable feedback
  • Offers exceptional customer support

What SurveySensum’s customers say about it!

SurveySensum Testimonial Michael Brandt

SurveySensum Testimonial Kym Holmes

SurveySensum Testimonial Aileen Day

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Find more about Qualtrics alternative or Medallia alternative from here.

Which one to choose? Medallia or Qualtrics or SurveySensum?

Qualtrics, Medallia, and SurveySensum have several features to offer to improve your customer experience. 

However, you can choose the right platform by evaluating your expectations and requirements against the pricing, features, user-friendliness, and many other factors.


Manisha Khandelwal

Senior Content Marketer at SurveySensum

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