Chapter 6: Customer Onboarding for High Touch SaaS
About the Webinar

In this episode of the ‘Experience talk: Voice of Customer and Employee’, Tanuj Diwan – Head of Product at SurveySensum and is joined by a special guest – Irit Eizips- Chief Customer Officer & CEO at CSM Practice.

They are talking about Customer Onboarding for High Touch SaaS, its importance, best practices, the involvement of CSM, sales to customer success handoff, and a lot more.

Who should attend?
Customer Experience Manager
Customer Support Professional
Customer Success Manager
Marketing Manager
Product Manager
About the Speakers
Tanuj Diwan
Head of Product at SurveySensum

An enthusiastic leader and a product owner, Tanuj specialize in driving product vision while creating product roadmaps and ensures the priority of high-value requirements in every release to meet and exceed customer expectations. Steering scrum team in daily standups, sprint planning, backlog refinement, sprint demos, and retrospectives, Tanuj values face-to-face communication to collaborate across departments to achieve company goals. He is a futurist, with expertise in identifying opportunities and risk implications of emerging business and technology trends and commercializing promising opportunities.

Irit Eizips
Chief Customer Officer & CEO at CSM Practice

Irit Eizips is Chief Customer Officer and CEO at CSM Practice, a global customer success management consulting firm that specializes in the design and implementation of best-of-breed scalable customer success programs using an optimal combination of strategy, playbooks, and technology. She has been featured as a speaker at conferences and Customer Success publications and has been consistently voted top Customer Success Influencer for the past 7 years.

Chapter 6: Customer Onboarding for High Touch SaaS

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