Episode 21: Why product managers should focus on product outcomes?

Moshe Mikanovsky
Tanuj Diwan
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About the Webinar

In this episode of The Experience Talk – Why product managers should focus on product outcomes? Tanuj is joined by Moshe Mikanovsky, Sr. Product Manager at Procom and they are talking about

  • Why product managers should focus on product outcomes?
  • Should they do the market research at all, or build a product prototype and take feedback on it?
  • Does vision help him focus on the product outcome?
  • Do outcomes help you improve the product or provide value to the customers?
  • How to get clarity on the product vision?
  • How’d you prioritize multiple problems based on their outcomes?
  • How to create an outcome-driven roadmap?
  • Why product managers should focus on product outcomes?

And a lot more!

About the Speakers
Moshe Mikanovsky
Sr. Product Manager at Procom

Author of The Resurrector, Moshe Mikanovsky has been working as a software developer for the past 20 years and a product manager for the past 10 years. He loves discovering value for users and clients, and build software with amazing teams. He is currently co-hosting the Product for Product podcast and is the Sr. Product Manager at Procom.

Tanuj Diwan
Head of Product at SurveySensum

An enthusiastic leader and a product owner, Tanuj specialize in driving product vision while creating product roadmaps and ensures the priority of high-value requirements in every release to meet and exceed customer expectations. Steering scrum team in daily standups, sprint planning, backlog refinement, sprint demos, and retrospectives, Tanuj values face-to-face communication to collaborate across departments to achieve company goals. He is a futurist, with expertise in identifying opportunities and risk implications of emerging business and technology trends and commercializing promising opportunities.

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